The Lockdown Hauntings: A new British film with my friend Russell Shaw

24th May 2021

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Directed by Howard J Ford

I have been lucky enough to know and even work with some actors who have gone on to far greater things. Today I would like to introduce my buddy Russell Shaw with whom I made a short film in Berlin, way back in 2005.

Russell Shaw as Director and Thay Paul (with ever present coffee)

Since then, Russell has kept following his dream and has been in music videos, adverts and some full-length films, the latest of which is ‘The Lockdown Hauntings’ set in present day UK, where people have been living under strict lockdown regulations.

Russell posted this link online:

Hey guys, our new feature film @thelockdownhauntings is out now on #amazon #primevideo#virginmedia#skystore#itunes FILMED IN THE FIRST LOCKDOWN Please check it out and leave us your honest heartfelt reviews on Amazon, IMDB etc….Thank you!Your support means the world to us ❤🎬👻#tonytoddofficial#tonytodd#candyman #horror #horrormovies#horrorcommunity#horrorfan#entity#paranormal#indyfilm#indyfilmmaking#lockdown#horror#fear#terror#pandemic#usrelease#amazon#actorslife🎬#filmactor#angeladixon#deatheater#detective#bogeyman#scary #specialeffects #soundtrack

The official trailer may be viewed here:

I wrote a short piece for IMDb but it didn’t appear on their site. Undeterred, I’ll repost it here with my usual disclaimer …

  • Summary: An allegory of fear and helplessness
  • DISCLOSURE: I’m a friend of a cast member, so I must recuse myself from giving a rating and instead, I’ll submit a brief interpretation.

    “Fear is something horrible, an atrocious sensation, a sort of decomposition of the soul,” (Guy de Maupassant, ‘Le Peur’ 1882).

    A bustling, vibrant metropolis, eerily, unnervingly quiet; these are the opening images that lead us into the surreal paranoid world of London and the UK under Lockdown. We are introduced to the characters who fear for loved ones, for their lives, for their uncertain futures. All they know is that they have no control or power over unseen and unforeseeable events.

    Against this background, a serial killer has emerged, elusive in the extreme; not only are they no signs of break-ins, there are no forensic clues at all. To compound the mystery, the detective assigned to the case is herself under quarantine, waiting for test results to see if she is infected.

    The unknown unseen killer could represent COVID and how easily it can be transmitted. We sense the alienation and impotence of the characters, lacking the support of friends, family and institutions. Everyone is alone and vulnerable and the deaths are the personification of extreme paranoia in extreme circumstances. We are not scared of what we know, but of what we don’t know.

    ‘The Lockdown Hauntings’ is a valuable source for how people lived and felt in the early 2020s as even at time of writing, we don’t know if the vaccines work (solve the case) or if new mutant variants will arise …

I’m sure Russell would be over the moon if you watched the movie and left your own comments, thoughts and reviews.

If by any chance you wish to see the film I made with Russell, that film, ‘Bad Faith,’ may be viewed here:

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