Adult Speaking Class, Level 2: Introducing yourself, and small talk

29th January 2022

8 tips on how to make new friends as an adult

Introducing yourself

If you meet a new friend or business acquaintance, you may say

Hello, how are you ?

Very well, thank you, and yourself ? / I’m great, thanks for asking

How do you do ?

This question is formal, and the correct response is

How do you do ?

How’s it going ? How’s it hanging ? (these are both very informal)

All good, going well. / Yeah, I’m fantastic !

Asking about people’s jobs

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What do you do ? I’m a designer at ABC company (then explain more about your work).

What line are you in ? Engineering.

What’s your profession ? I’m a nurse.

Asking about their family life

Remember, English-speakers can be quite private so don’t ask why a person isn’t married, or why a married person doesn’t have children

Are you a family man ?

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Yes, I have a wife and two kids

You married ?

No, my job leaves me no time for romance !

Do you have kids ?

Ha, I’m married to my job

Asking about free time

Here's how to actually enjoy your free time, instead of mindless scrolling  | Announce | University of Nebraska-Lincoln

How do you relax ?

I enjoy sports and meeting up with friends

How do you unwind ?

I just crash on the sofa and watch movies

What do you do in your spare time ?

I love to travel and drink beer.

Me and my boyfriend found a restaurant in Germany (Hamburg) serving 1 litre  tankards of home brewed beer. It was fantastic 👌 : r/Untappd

Listening and vocabulary

Here is a very good video for extra practice

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