Adult Speaking Class, Level 2: Introducing yourself, and small talk

29th January 2022

8 tips on how to make new friends as an adult

Introducing yourself

If you meet a new friend or business acquaintance, you may say

Hello, how are you ?

Very well, thank you, and yourself ? / I’m great, thanks for asking

How do you do ?

This question is formal, and the correct response is

How do you do ?

How’s it going ? How’s it hanging ? (these are both very informal)

All good, going well. / Yeah, I’m fantastic !

Asking about people’s jobs

business meeting group stock photos - OFFSET

What do you do ? I’m a designer at ABC company (then explain more about your work).

What line are you in ? Engineering.

What’s your profession ? I’m a nurse.

Asking about their family life

Remember, English-speakers can be quite private so don’t ask why a person isn’t married, or why a married person doesn’t have children

Are you a family man ?

Premium Photo | Indian friends eating or dining in restaurant. asian people  in face for get-together, reunion or celebrating party. coffee shop  celebration friendship togetherness concept

Yes, I have a wife and two kids

You married ?

No, my job leaves me no time for romance !

Do you have kids ?

Ha, I’m married to my job

Asking about free time

Here's how to actually enjoy your free time, instead of mindless scrolling  | Announce | University of Nebraska-Lincoln

How do you relax ?

I enjoy sports and meeting up with friends

How do you unwind ?

I just crash on the sofa and watch movies

What do you do in your spare time ?

I love to travel and drink beer.

Me and my boyfriend found a restaurant in Germany (Hamburg) serving 1 litre  tankards of home brewed beer. It was fantastic 👌 : r/Untappd

Listening and vocabulary

Here is a very good video for extra practice

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Beginners’ English Part 3

14th January 2020




Student questionnaire : What do you like, What does he like, she like ?

Vocabulary booster: likes and dislikes

What are they doing ?


Correct all the mistakes in this piece of writing:

Every days I wokes up at between 6.00 am and 6.15 am. I always usually do the same thing namely get up, brush my tooth, put the kettle in and make coffee. Nowever, on last yesterday I getted up at 5.00 because I must to go to the airport to meeting my friend.

I had a hard time get a taxi because it was cats and dogs raining. On the airport there was so much people, all looking exhausted and depressed by the weather bad. I have never come on a plane without one time when I flyed to Ha Noi.

I seemed to wait forever for my friend. Maybe she had a problem immigration. But no I seed her and she looked very cute but also exhausted and also a little smelly.

She needed to freshen up after her long flight.

Instead of wenting to home, we came to a nice coffee shop with great coffees and good music and also so many people so we having to waited for a sit. The coffee made us to wake up so then we came to home but first she wants to doing some shop. 

I taked her to Diamond plaza and we saw many shops, a whole multitude of things to see and do. We saw beatiful ao dai from silk made but it was too very expensive; it cost a leg and an arm. So instead we did window shopper which is more cheaper.

It costs an arm and a leg = an idiom that means very expensive.


What is your name / What’s your name ?

What is your job ? What do you do (for a living) ?

Are you married ? Do you have any children ?

[Culture note – in English, we don’t ask people’s age. It is impolite.]

How are you ?

I’m very well, thank you

I’m great / I’m good

I’m so so / I’m OK / I’m not bad = depends on intonation

I’m under the weather (this is an idiom which means a little bit unwell)

[Culture note – in English, we always say ‘please’, ‘thank you’ & ‘sorry’]

Student Questionnaire

do / have / like / love

What does he / she do ? What does she / he love but doesn’t like ?

On Mondays I have / On Mondays he has / She has …

For lunch I eat / He eats / She eats …

What do I like to do ? He likes to / She likes to …

Lessons – I love / He loves / She loves …

I don’t like / He doesn’t like / She doesn’t like …

What do I do after school or work ? What does he do ? What does she do ?

Can I juggle 3 balls ?/ Can he ? / Can she ?

Can I sing a song in English ? Can he ? Can she ?

Which songs can you sing in English ?

Vocabulary builder:

Like – love / adore

dislike – hate / detest 

Note: hate & detest are very strong !

What do you like ?

Give me two examples of things you like, and two you don’t like.

Example: I adore dogs. I detest cold weather.

He loves … He hates …. They adore …

Use adverbs to make sentences stronger: 

I really like films OR I like films very much. I really hate karaoke !

NOT: I very much like films

Negative: I don’t like Karaoke very much. They don’t enjoy karaoke.

What are they doing ?

Try to build long sentences using the continuous verb (verb + ing)

Example: What is he doing ?

He is reading

The dog is reading

The small black and white dog is reading an orange book and smiling.

Now your turn. Match the picture with the sentences then add more information:

eating and talking / singing / playing / sleeping NOT working / drinking / walking / laughing