UK Break. Family and friends.

19th February 2020

The sky is grey, the prices are astronomical, people are loving Brexit, people are hating Brexit, people are predicting a boom, people are prophesying doom … and it is cold. It is very, very cold.

The view of east London, near the Olympic Stadium:

I arrived late Thursday 13th and spent most of the next day meeting my brother’s friend in his local (the nearest pub). At ‘Happy Hour’ a pint of Guinness was £3.50. Otherwise, it is a fiver (£5, that’s $6.50).

Sunday, I took the new express train from Stratford International 75 miles to Canterbury West (£35 single / $44), to meet up with some old friends, Carole and Pete. Carole met me, then we drove to a small cottage on the sea, at a place called Whitstable, famous for its oysters.

The sun emerging from the clouds at Whitstable
Beach bird looking for food
Canon overlooking the beach huts
Colourful beach huts
Typical quaint houses and curving streets of this sea-town.

Next day, we met Pete at Broadstairs (see next blog), but back in Whitstable, we had the traditional fish and chips:

Clockwise, from top left: cod & chips, skate & chips, and my choice, haddock & chips. Served with tartar sauce.
Pete VERY happy with his lunch. Note, also three mugs (large cups) of tea.

For my Vietnamese students, the above (three fish and chips and three mugs of tea) was about one million VND. I told you UK was expensive and this wasn’t even London ! However, in the UK one is never far from an Indian, Chinese or Asian restaurant. For example, in Broadstairs I saw:

Next Wednesday I’ll be back in Bangkok, so I can try the real McCoy (the real thing).

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