Jingo Harleyman – ‘Hari Karachi & the Durango 4’ OST (Part 1)

16th September 2022

Hari Karachi – cybertective

Part 1 of the OST (original soundtrack)

‘Hari Karachi & the Durango 4’.

The music was composed and performed by Jingo Harleyman, and is royalty-free; anyone may download the music or use it for non-profit purposes. Furthermore, all the music is free to use for no-budget or low-budget projects. Please credit the composer:

Music by Jingo Harleyman ⓒ 2022

Hari Karachi is a cybertective, notable for wearing crocodile boots.

Karachi has a small, intimate network of informers, enforcers and compadres: one stormy night he picks up a coded warning from Tiger Girl.

Tiger Girl, cyber expert, Wing Chun Master, Heaven’s own Angel

The beautiful, highly-skilled compadre wants to meet Karachi at the Chamber of Jade to pass on some terrifying info from the darkest of dark webs …

Now, without further ado, the video:

The cult film is based on the book by award-winning author Duncan G. Balthazar.

More on the elusive, reclusive, enigmatic author in the next video blog.

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