Thank you, my Top Cats.

5th March 2023

What a fantastic week – two gifts from two gifted students.

First up, an incredible piece of art from Top Cat Ruby who is around ten years old. I shall certainly have this framed.

Next, a gift from a student I no longer teach but whose classroom is near to mine (so they can hear the music I play loudly). Teachers absolutely need throat pastels, and I’m always telling my students to avoid sugar so I was over the moon with this gift from Class Captain Mina.

Thank you Top Cat Ruby, thank you Captain Mina … and not forgetting my irreplaceable TA Ms Huong, and her present:

However, Ms Huong probably gave me these to shut me up ! Regardless, thank you all so much.

Thank you, Princess

4th August 2020

Last night, after a three-hour IELTS class, another IELTS student was waiting to speak to me. It was one of my ‘Top Cats’, someone of whom I’m expecting great things.

The student, who I call Princess as she is so elegant, polite, refined and respectful, presented me with the following gifts:

September is a special month in Vietnam what with Independence Day (2nd), the anniversary of Ho Chi Minh’s death (also the 2nd, though some say 3rd) and the Mid-Autumn festival which this year falls on the 13th.

Why you should visit Hanoi for Mid-Autumn festival | The Independent
Mid-Autumn Festival in Ha Noi
Mid-Autumn Festival - Be completed with moon cakes
Mid-Autumn Moon cakes

Thank you my Princess … see you next week 🙂