Young Learners, Level 4. Using adverbs correctly, elegantly, sensationally

15th March 2023

The young boys are playing roughly.

Last week, you changed these adjectives to adverbs.

beautiful // calm // careful // easy // good // happy // honest // polite // quick

angry // bad // careless // greedy // lazy // loud // nervous // rough // selfish // stupid

dangerous // fast // furious // mysterious // rare // serious // slow

You now have a word bank of adverbs. Let’s start to use them … correctly.

We’ll keep it really simple, ça va ? 

Remember – never start with a pronoun (he, she, it, they etc). Say what the subject is then what they are doing, then HOW they are doing the verb – use an adverb.

1) The tall man is hiding …

a) easily b) mysteriously c) greedily

2) The Korean girl is looking at her friend …

a) well b) calmly c) angrily

3) The talented musician plays his guitar …

a) very well b) nervously c) politely

4) The man in the white T-shirt eats …

a) greedily b) carefully c) honestly

5) The funny man rides the bus …

a) seriously b) dangerously c) beautifully

Now … your turn

Write sentences about these photos. Top Cats, I expect amazing adjectives, perfect grammar and creative thinking.

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