Sài Gòn … then and now.

3rd May 2023

We have a project to write about our city or town. How has it changed ?

Remember, when we write about the past we use Verb 2 (simple past) but when we write about today, we use Verb 1 (simple present).

Word Bank:

In the past there was or In the past there were …

There wasn’t … or There weren’t …

These days there is or These days there are …

Today or Nowadays …

Example: In the past, the city was called Sài Gòn. Today, the city is called Ho Chi Minh City.

Let’s set the scene – we need some old time music.

To help you, compare and contrast these photos. First, we have the General Post Office in Quận 1 (District 1, downtown or city centre).

Post offices were mainly for sending letters. Do people send letters these days ?

If people could not write, what did they do ?

Today, the Post Office has many shops inside, and many tourists visit to take photos.

How about street life ?

Sài Gòn 1960s (above), and Ho Chi Minh City today

Of course, Sài Gòn is famous for street food.

Some food is traditional, but nowadays there are a lot of fast food restaurants.

Finally, we need some modern music. Do you know this song ? The video was filmed in Quận 7

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