Boost your English speaking !

23rd May 2023

For speaking tests, students need to be able to speak at length, using long sentences with adjectives, linking words and maybe an expression or two … and it’s never too soon to start.

Higher Kindergarten classes can answer in short sentences, instead of single word answers. They can expand by using adjectives.

For example, a teacher will ask, “What is it ?”

The answer must be in the form of a sentence, “It’s a car.” Then we can expand … “It’s a red car,” “It’s a fast, red car.”

At higher levels, students need to feel confident to speak longer, and here’s a tip. This is a mind map with one main idea, then different ideas that students can speak about.

OK, as they say in Cinema, “Show, don’t tell.”

Some expressions:

I’m over the moon (I’m very, very happy)

I was blown away (I was very impressed by someone or something)

It cheers me up (Verb 1) cheered me up (Verb 2) (made me happy after I was sad)

Don’t forget to use the linking words

because // also // so // however // as well as


My favourite sports are football and swimming because they are fun, exciting as well as healthy.

I play football at school with my classmates. My friend John is very good. He is better than me. I also play on weekends. However, I can’t play football alone.

I really enjoy swimming. I can swim alone. I often swim at weekends at a sports centre.

Sports can cheer me up when I am sad. If my teams win, I am over the moon.

NOW … your turn.

Make a mind map for:

Free time




See you soon.