How to kill a vampire: post-Halloween review game

1st November 2022

A chance to review recent lessons, and be a brave hero.

First, split the class into two or three teams: Vampire, the Mummy & Werewolf.

Second, what can kill these evil creatures ?

For a vampire, we can use garlic, and a crucifix or cross.

For the Mummy, we can use fire, and a cat.

For a werewolf, we can use a silver bullet or mercury.

Team Vampire

Team Mummy

Team Werewolf

The game:

Ask the students questions, testing vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and writing skills.

A correct answer means the student may roll a die. The following numbers represent weapons:

1 = garlic // 2 = mercury // 3 = an Egyptian cat //

4 = fire // 5 = silver bullets // 6 = crucifix or cross

Therefore, Team Dracula needs a 1 or 6, Team Mummy needs a 3 or 4, Team Werewolf needs 2 or 5

The first team to reach 5 points is the winner

Sample questions

Adjectives: what is the opposite of …

sharp / smooth / easy / cheap / high / modern / soft /

Countries: what countries begin with letter …

B / D / E / G / H / R / S / T / V /

Grammar: conjugate the following verbs …

I don’t like vampires / You / He / She / It / Ms Anh / We / They …

I’m not scared of the Mummy / You’re …

I don’t want to be a werewolf / You …

Speaking: tell me about the pairs of food, using adjectives and your opinion

Example: water and cola

I always drink water because it is very healthy. However I never drink cola because it is bad for my teeth.

Pair 1: banana and crisps

Pair 2: hamburgers and salad

Pair 3: phở bò (beef noodle soup) and pizza

Free speaking. How long can you speak about …

Give the students some time to prepare as a group, then select one spokesperson.

Sports //

What you can do at home //

Your family //

Bonus Goth points … an extra throw of the die for the student who can sing this song, ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead.’

The song builds up, and the vocals don’t start until around the 2:50 mark


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Adult Speaking Class, Level 2: Cinema … what shall we see ?

9th May 2020

Cinema Choice

A lesson designed to encourage speaking and student interaction, especially useful for upper-intermediates or IELTS students, who are expected to be able to speak for two minutes fluently, with a good range of vocabulary, a knowledge of phrases and expressions, not to mention said speech to be delivered with pacing, rhythm and intonation. Furthermore, as previously demonstrated, long, complex sentences with ideas linked together with discourse markers.

Without further ado … let’s take in a movie

(to take in a movie = to go and see a movie, as opposed to watching a DVD, streaming etc)

Why going to the movies is [occasionally] worth the money | DECU


I prefer / choice / my taste / not my taste / trailer / concession stand

all-star cast / director / film studio / controversial/ family film / book online

What’s on at the cinema ? What’s playing this week ? Not my cup of tea.

ACTIVITY 1: Use some of the words or expressions to talk about these photos:


Types of camera shot

Alfred Hitchcock, a famous director from London, is demonstrating to the cameraman what shot he wants. Hitchcock was born near my house in east London and went on to work in Hollywood with all-star casts. However, I prefer his early films made in the UK although the famous or infamous film ‘Psycho’ is one of my favourites despite being extremely controversial.

Now … your turn

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Review | Our Kids
regal concessions - Akali
Cinema Program – July 2014 - Arts Margaret River
How to buy movie tickets with Siri on your iPhone and iPad | iMore
20th Century Fox Logo | 3D Warehouse

Activity 2: What types of film can you name ?

Movie Genres Vector Art & Graphics |

Horror // Action Stories // Sci-fi // Drama // Thriller // Romance // Biopic // Comedy // Western // Animation (Anime) // Musical // Documentary // War //

Stories about people’s lives and emotions // Space films, or films set in the future // Films about fighting and soldiers // Stories about real famous people // Loud, exciting films with explosions and fast cars // A cartoon, illustrated film // True stories with real people, not actors // Stories about police or spies or crime // Scary films about ghosts or monsters // A film about cowboys, set in USA // Love stories // Funny films // with singing and dancing

Which genres are these ?

Which do you prefer ?

Bande-annonce - Paprika - YouTube
Return to the 60s Movies: Where Eagles Dare (Richard Burton Blog-a ...
An American in Paris – Variety
Must Watch Documentaries About Our Environment
The Color Purple (1/6) Movie CLIP - Sisters Separated (1985) HD ...
Lon Chaney, Jr. as Kharis the Mummy | Classic monster movies ...

Prefer– to like one thing more than something else

I prefer drinking coffee to tea

He prefers living in Sai Gon rather than Hanoi

The students prefer the small room

Activity 3:

Look at an up-to-date cinema listing. Discuss what is on this week. Which films (if any) appeal to you ?

Phim Chiếu Rạp | Lotte Cinema Cộng Hòa

Which do you prefer ?

Going to the cinema, watching a DVD or streaming a film online ?

What are the advantages or disadvantages to each one ?

Must or have to ? Revision

The new Spider Man film may be sold out. We ______ buy tickets NOW !

I hate comedies ! Do I _____ to go ?

You _______ eat too much popcorn; it’s bad for you.

You ________to be over 18 to see this film

You don’t ____ to bring your passport to get intoa cinema in Viet Nam.