Young Learners, Level 3: Let’s Work !

3rd August 2019. Everybody Up U3 L1.


Jobs song:

This can be used to give some energy to the class (it starts at 7.40 am) as well as demonstrating how simple sentences are linked together. Students can practice:

who doyou see ?” as opposed to the general robotic, mono-toned, “Who do you see ?”

Five jobs were mentioned – which ones ? (students will be in small groups and given a writing board and marker). Then they will have to write where those people work – on the board I will write ‘airport’, ‘ship’, ‘school’, ‘fire station’ & ‘hospital’. Two people will run to the board and write where a pilot, a doctor etc works.

SHOP WORK – role play

In this activity, half the students are shoppers, the other are shop-keepers.

The shoppers will need to buy some three items: They can go to as many of the ‘sellers’ as they wish and ask for the food (this will be food from Unit 1, as well as stables such as rice, bread, cheese, eggs and milk.) If the seller doesn’t have the item they ask for, they have to move on to another ‘store’. The winner is the first team to complete their list. No doubt, the students will want to change roles.

In terms of language being produced, the students have to ask, “Do you have some or any …?” or “I would like (two) eggs, please.”

The sellers must answer, “Yes, we do, how much or many would you like ?” or “Sorry, we have sold out.”


How do I make soup ? First, I go to the shops and buy ingredients, next go home and clean them, then cook them and finally eat !

I want to study Vietnamese; what should I do ? First …

The man selling eggs is a little big. He needs to loose weight. What should he do ?


Before the bookwork, pre-teach some adjectives that one would associate with various professions, such as:






Five adjectives should be enough, and then repeated all lesson and over the coming lessons in order to help the students develop more colourful and interesting language (as opposed to an IELTS speaking test I recently monitored, where the only adjectives were ‘big’ and ‘nice’ despite the question asking the students to describe … but that is for another blog !)

And then we let the assigned book work take over, work book correction and handouts for fast finishers.

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