Young Learners, Level 3: Final Review

12th December for 14th December 2019 E Up 3, pp. 80 – 81

I’m covering this class for just one lesson (hopefully). There are 21 students and I think I’ve had this class before at a lower level. The first part of the lesson can be activities to go over the language learnt in previous lessons. This can take the form of a game, with students being placed in five groups and allowed to choose their team name.

1 Tell me about the men (basic adjectives) then use the comparative.

Image result for robert parish wadlow"

EXAMPLE: One man is short, one man is tall. The man with glasses is taller.

Image result for old and young asian person"
Image result for strong and weak person"

2 Who is stronger ?

Image result for strong and weak person"

3 Give me three adjectives for these clothes.

Image result for north face jacket"
Image result for bjork in swanparty dress"

Which one is thicker ? Which one is prettier ?

4 Write three heavy objects (things) then three light objects.

5 How can your help your mum and dad in your house ? Three ways to help out.

6 What does the young girl do before work ?

Image result for black girl washing up"
Image result for black girl walking dog"
Image result for black girl cleaning her room"

7 Now what is this boy doing after school ?

Image result for Indian boy does homework"
Image result for arab boy washes car"
Image result for boy takes out garbage"

7 Always / usually / sometimes / never

In the morning, Teacher Paul ……….. drinks coffee

The students in this school are ……………. quiet.

Tell me something you usually do and something you do sometimes.

8 What three chores can you do on a farm ?

Image result for Asian farm"

I need three things: a haircut, a book and some coffee … where can I go ?

9 Was my friend at the beach yesterday ?

10 When we go on holiday, where can we stay ? Where can we swim ?

11 Were they at the coffee shop on Friday ?

Image result for girls in bookstore"

Were they at the pharmacy yesterday ?

Image result for men in moroccan coffeeshop"

12 Where are they and what is the weather ?

Image result for hot mexico day"

Teotihuacán Private Hot Air Balloon Flight, Mexico City

13 Write a postcard to your TA. Tell the TA what country you are in, what you are doing and what the weather is like.

14 Finally, tell me five things you can take to school.

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