Adult Speaking Class Level 2: Tell what you see.

21st April 2020

This blog is designed to help you with building longer sentences, and to promote the use of adjectives and adverbs. You will have to describe photos, explaining what you see, what is happening and how you react to them.

Photo ops

What is happening here ?

Try to write / say a paragraph about this photo.

What is happening ? Why ? What reasons do the police have ?

What is the phrasal verb? What is the police officer doing ?

Answer at bottom of blog

To extend your answer, describe what the people are wearing, how they look, the location, time of day etc. Give as much information as you can. You can arrange these in a complex sentence (two or more bits of information in one sentence).

EXAMPLE: The police officer, dressed in a light brown uniform, is stopping a motorbike which has three people on it of which only one, the driver, is wearing a helmet.

How would you describe the activity in this photo ?

What is the setting ? What is happening ? Who are the people ? What could they be discussing ?

In my opinion // I believe // I feel // (It) seems to me // I assume 

They look like // In my view // (He / it) appears to me // I imagine 

bring and buy sale

These are quite common in the UK. People try to sell unwanted items, and sometimes the money goes to a school, hospital or local charity. It is possible to pick up a bargain. Conversely, you can end up with a piece of old junk !

I picked it up at a bring and buy sale. 

I saw an old camera and thought it would work. However, when I tried it, nothing happened. I spent $5 and ended up with a piece of junk.

Have you ever been to a sale like this ? What do you have in your country ?

Pretend you have to tell a blind person about this photo – how would you describe it. Remember, also try to describe the atmosphere … it is quiet or lively, boring or exciting ? How do you think the people feel ?

Describe these scenes

The phrasal verb was ‘pull over’ – this is when a traffic cop (police officer) stops a vehicle in order to ask questions, or tell them they are doing something wrong.

In Vietnam, helmets are compulsory, furthermore, only two adults are allowed on a motorbike. Additionally, the driver will have to produce paperwork to show that she is allowed to ride a motorbike in Viet Nam … or she will be in deep water (a lot of trouble).

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