Jingo Harleyman – ‘Hari Karachi & the Durango 4’ OST (Part 4)

2nd October 2022

Hari Karachi returns to Singapore

Part 4 of the OST (original soundtrack)

‘Hari Karachi & the Durango 4’

The music was composed and performed by Jingo Harleyman, and is royalty-free; anyone may download the music or use it for non-profit purposes.

Furthermore, all the music is free to use for no-budget or low-budget projects. Please credit the composer:

Music by Jingo Harleyman ⓒ 2022

Hari Karachi is a cybertective, notable for wearing crocodile boots.

In Part 4, the hero confronts the dark web Cicada 126, utilising all his cyberskills to bring down the evil organisation.

The Mai Tai Girls help Karachi get back to Asia, but from a different home base. But are the Durango 4 still on his trail … ?

Now, without further ado, the video:

Thank you to everyone who has watched the video. Your time and support is really appreciated.

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