Boost your English speaking !

23rd May 2023

For speaking tests, students need to be able to speak at length, using long sentences with adjectives, linking words and maybe an expression or two … and it’s never too soon to start.

Higher Kindergarten classes can answer in short sentences, instead of single word answers. They can expand by using adjectives.

For example, a teacher will ask, “What is it ?”

The answer must be in the form of a sentence, “It’s a car.” Then we can expand … “It’s a red car,” “It’s a fast, red car.”

At higher levels, students need to feel confident to speak longer, and here’s a tip. This is a mind map with one main idea, then different ideas that students can speak about.

OK, as they say in Cinema, “Show, don’t tell.”

Some expressions:

I’m over the moon (I’m very, very happy)

I was blown away (I was very impressed by someone or something)

It cheers me up (Verb 1) cheered me up (Verb 2) (made me happy after I was sad)

Don’t forget to use the linking words

because // also // so // however // as well as


My favourite sports are football and swimming because they are fun, exciting as well as healthy.

I play football at school with my classmates. My friend John is very good. He is better than me. I also play on weekends. However, I can’t play football alone.

I really enjoy swimming. I can swim alone. I often swim at weekends at a sports centre.

Sports can cheer me up when I am sad. If my teams win, I am over the moon.

NOW … your turn.

Make a mind map for:

Free time




See you soon.

Young Learners, levels 3 & 4. Tell me a Classical story

2nd December 2022

Today we shall focus on story-telling, using nouns, adjectives, verbs (in the past tense or Verb 2) and linking words.

Students can also practise intonation and pronunciation when they make their presentation.

Quite simply the class, in small teams, are going to retell the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. We have covered this myth several times already, but here’s a quick reminder curtsey of the good people at Lego:

If the class works in small groups, it could be a good idea to give them some large paper in order for some to draw, while others write. However, every member of the team must write something, and speak during the presentation.

First, a quick recap:

Every year, the King of Athens has to send 12 children to Crete to feed the Minotaur. The King’s son, Theseus, said he will go and kill the monster.

When Theseus and the children arrive in Crete, Princess Ariadne sees Theseus and falls in love. She says she will help him.

The Minotaur lives in a labyrinth, or maze, and it is very hard to get out. However, the Princess gives Theseus some string, so he can find the exit.

Soon, the Minotaur smells the Greek hero and they fight but Theseus wins and the Minotaur is dead. The children are safe.

Theseus and Ariadne sail away from Crete back to Greece.

Now … your turn

Write and draw this story. First you, like Theseus, need some weapons, only your weapons will be words:

NOUNS Greek / hero / Prince / Princess / labyrinth / sword / string or thread

VERBS fight / sail / defeat / fall in love / smell /

ADJECTIVES brave / beautiful / scary / terrifying / strong / intelligent / dark / cold / hideous / overjoyed / celebrate

LINKING WORDS and / as well as / but / however / because / also /

Naturally, they lived happily ever after … well, not really, but that’s another set of stories.

Titian (1506 – 1576) Bacchus and Ariadne 1521 – 1523 in London’s National Gallery

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