Listening exercises: English classes

10th April 2020

Chia nhỏ 5 loại kỹ năng cần thiết trước và trong khi nghe Tiếng ...

This selection of clips are all aimed at English-language learners. The speech, therefore, will be slower and clearer, vocabulary simpler than real-world videos (which I shall feature in the next Listening blog), as well as a noticeable absence of idioms, phrases and expressions.


American English in real life

Vocabulary Booster: learn new words while listening to a non-native accent.

An English learning adventure

The weather: A British Council video

Listening practice:

American English in real life:

Start watching at 02:00 until 03:13

What new vocabulary do you notice ?

What do you think of Alexandro ? What kind / type of person is he ?

What do you think of the boss ? How would you describe him ?

Use adjectives to describe how they look and their personality. 

NEXT: Learning new words while listening to an accent. Here, the speaker is Indian. Do you have any problems understanding her ?

Vocabulary booster (Indian lady teaches 20 words)

New Vocabulary:

Instead of using ‘very’ + adjective (I am very tired), use a single word:

Try to use ‘sagacious’, ‘exquisite’, ‘colossal’ and ‘spacious’

The apartments in Block D are ……….. (big)

The furnishings are perfect, they are ……….

Building an underground train network is a …………  undertaking

The old man was ………. People came to him for advise.


An English-learning adventure


A typical British subject: the weather.

How Brits Love to Talk about the Weather | Andover and Villages

3 thoughts on “Listening exercises: English classes

  1. I reckon you suld really rile em up ah bit and have em learn some Southern slang and Colloquialisms. That there would done be a hoot and a hollar, I tell you what. 😀


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