Jingo Harleyman. ‘Life in a Korean Movie’, Track No. 2

25th April 2023

The second track on the new EP ‘Life in a Korean Movie’, Samaria Girl, has been uploaded to YouTube:

All tracks are free to download on the Bandcamp site: https://jingoharleyman.bandcamp.com/album/life-in-a-korean-movie

The track is based around a simple guitar riff, augmented by two chords (Am & Gmaj7). An upright bass (synth) plays a variation of the main riff. The song develops into a conflict between grand piano and fuzz guitar, representing the two conflicting characters in the film.

I added some dreamy synth mallet sounds for atmosphere and colour, as well as including some dialogue between the two girls.

The film stars Kwak Ji-min and Han Yeo-reum

The music is non-profit, and I hope to introduce more audiences to Korean cinema and culture. All films are credited in the video. As such, I hope I may claim ‘Fair Use’, the video being for non-commercial artistic and educational purposes.

The next section is just for my own records and will be of no interest to anyone except maybe low-fi recording geeks.

The track is in the Key of Am

Tempo is 74

Garageband sequence

Track 1 Classic Stack Guitar amp

(Riff D E G E D C A)

Track 2 Clean Combo Guitar amp

Am (5th fret) – G (Ex B3 G4 D4 Ax E3)

Track 3 Upright bass (played on synth)


Track 4 Grand Piano

Am – G

Track 5 Industrial Overdrive Guitar amp

Am Pentatonic Scale, 2nd position

(D 7 – 10, G 7 – 9, B 8 – 10)

Tracks 6 & 7 film clips

(Beginning of film, and bathhouse scene)

Track 8 Alchemy Synth. Mallet – ‘Dreamy Bells’ Setting: Dark Chimes. Delay 11 o’clock, Reverb 2/3

Coming soon … ‘Lover’s Phobia’

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