Jingo Harleyman. ‘Life in a Korean Movie’, Track No. 3

28th April 2023

The third track on the new EP ‘Life in a Korean Movie’, Lover’s Phobia, has been uploaded to YouTube:

All tracks are free to download on the Bandcamp site: https://jingoharleyman.bandcamp.com/album/life-in-a-korean-movie

Another one of my favourite Korean films, another film about two young people in love fated only to share a short time together.

The track is based solely on one chord, Em11, played in two different positions. The first position is on the 5th fret, the second on the 10th.

Both intro guitar riffs are based on the notes of the 5th fret position. The bass plays variations on the notes of the chord.

The mood changes as the tempo slows and guitar arpeggios replace the riffs. The chord moves to the 10th fret position.

The third section has thrashing chords and a faster tempo, along with drums and a more atonal bass, hinting at the unhappiness after the ‘happy’ ending.

The film stars Kang Hye-jung & Cho Seung-woo

The music is non-profit, and I hope to introduce more audiences to Korean cinema and culture. All films are credited in the video. As such, I hope I may claim ‘Fair Use’, the video being for non-commercial artistic and educational purposes.

The next section is just for my own records and will be of no interest to anyone except maybe low-fi recording geeks.

The track is in the Key of Em

Tempo at drum section 187

Garageband sequence

Track 1 Chorus Shimmer (processed Guitar amp)

1st Riff on top 3 strings:

E – A note B – G & E notes G – D note

Track 2 Cool Jazz Combo Guitar amp

2nd Riff: notes of the Em11 chord (5th fret position) on E & B strings.

Tracks 3 & 4 Sparkling Clean Guitar amp

Arpeggios of Em11 chord, 10th fret position.

D, A & E strings, then B, G & D strings.

Track 3 plays the chords, Track 4 uses fingerpicking

Track 5 Alchemy Synth: Mallets, Atlantean Bells

Setting 1: Warm Ring (Chorus at 7 o’clock, Reverb 1) Setting 2: Wooden Mallets

Tracks 6 Drum machine: Live Drums, SoCal

Track 7 Precision Bass

E – G – C – F – E (with variations)

Track 8 Film Clips. Audio: voice, Extreme Tuning

Coming soon … ‘Living in a Korean film’

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