What’s in a name ?

5th April 2023

The Shins have a ‘Name for you’ … and I have some rules for students choosing English names for our English classes.

First, the name has to be ENGLISH, so no ‘Sans’ (a French preposition), no ‘Lavie’ (French for ‘life’, also the name of a bottled-water company).

No totally made-up names (Valhana is one example that comes to mind).

No titles (‘King’, ‘Christ’ … yes, I’m serious, one parent expects us to call his kid ‘Christ’)

and, in the name of all that’s gracious, no more:






The above names are DENIED

English is such a rich language, there is no need for every Tom, Dick & Harry to be called Ken (English humour).

Instead, choose from this list of short names:

Andy // Don // Fred // Guy // Ian // Jay // Jim // Len // Mark // Mick // Ray // Roy // Seb // Sid // Tim // Vic // Wes // Will// Zack

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