Young Learners, Level 3. Let’s start a new country up.

6th April 2023

Yes, let’s, “Put our heads together, start a new country up.”

Today’s project is to create a new country. What do we need ? First, a country can have:

mountains, waterfalls, lakes, deserts, forests, beaches.

The cities may have old and interesting:

bridges, churches, shops, castles

Or maybe new and modern:

parks, museums, shopping malls, tall buildings, future buildings

Maybe some ancient buildings ?

Now, create your country … and have fun !

Please Note: All photos are taken from Google Images or free photo sites, and are used for educational purposes only. No copyright infringement or offense is intended. If I have used your photo or image, and you wish me to remove it, just ask. This site is not monetized, I run it on my own dollar. Thank you.

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