Young Learners, level 1: Review.

3rd April 2023

Practice makes perfect … so let’s review !


big / huge  // small / tiny // clever or smart    

hungry / thirsty // cold / hot     

fast / slow    //      strong / weak

bored / excited // yummy or delicious    

noisy / quiet

An elephant is very big, strong and very smart

English teaching children games – Thay Paul's Notes
Mr Paul and his elephant friend


A mouse is very ______ and ______

Pizza is ______ and ____________

A runner is very f —  and very s —–

A doctor is ______ _____


dance / draw / drink / eat / fly / go / jump / look / play / run / sit / sleep / stand / swim / talk / walk / work / write /

verb                     verb + ing

I drink   //               I am drinking

You drink  //           You are drinking

He drinks  //           He is drinking

She drinks  //          She is drinking

They drink // They are drinking

What are they doing ?

They are ________

He is________

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She is ________

He dances in the rain. He is dancing in the rain

She is ________

He is________

He is________

The live-action GIF may be viewed here:

What can you do ? What can’t you do ?

I can play guitar but I can’t play violin

She can play drums but she can’t play piano

He can speak Japanese however he can’t speak _____

Let's Talk About Japanese Cram School

A bird can ______ however a bird can’t _______

A fish can _______ however a fish can’t ______

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