Jingo Harleyman: ‘Life in a Korean Movie’, Track No. 4

9th May 2023

The fourth track on the EP ‘Life in a Korean Movie’, Living in a Korean film‘, has been uploaded to YouTube:

All tracks are free to download on the Bandcamp site:  https://jingoharleyman.bandcamp.com/album/life-in-a-korean-movie

The track is built around a Jazzy chord progression, with audio clips from several of my favourite Korean films.

I tried out some new guitar tones on the Garageband app for some lead notes, and added some synth effects for extra colour and atmosphere.

Many audio clips start mid sentence, as if we are walking past people and catching snippets of conversation.

Astute readers may recognise the YouTube thumbnail as being from ‘Moonlit Winter’ which was mostly filmed in Japan. However the actress, Kim So-hye, is Korean.

The music is non-profit, and I hope to introduce more audiences to Korean cinema and culture. All films are credited in the video. As such, I hope I may claim ‘Fair Use’, the video being for non-commercial artistic and educational purposes.

The next section is just for my own records and will be of no interest to anyone except maybe low-fi recording geeks.

The track is in the Key of G

Tempo at drum section 133

Garageband sequence

Track 1 Drum machine: Vintage Kit

Track 2 Sparkling Clean Guitar amp

Riff: Gmaj 7 / Cm7 / Bm7 and some lead fills on the B & G strings

Track 3 Film Clips. Audio: Voice, Extreme Tuning

Track 4 Synth Pads – Chill Pad.

G D – A D improvisation based on ‘Für Elise’

Track 5 Bass – Liverpool Bass

Follow Chords G – G / C – F# / F# – E

Tracks 6 Film Clips. Audio: Voice, Extreme Tuning

Man at station from ‘Il Mare’ slowed down to extreme

Track 7 Alchemy Synth – Soundscapes – Endless Optimism

Tracks 8 – 10 Guitar Tones.

Track 8: Rich Harmonies CLEAN

Track 9: Thin Rhythm CLEAN

Track 10: Endless Ambient PROCESSED plus Phase Tripper guitar pedal.

Coming soon … ‘Christmas every August’

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