Jingo Harleyman: ‘Life in a Korean Movie’, Track No. 5

10th May 2023

The fifth track on the EP ‘Life in a Korean Movie’, Christmas every August, has been uploaded to YouTube:

All tracks are free to download on the Bandcamp site:  


A two-chord song that builds to add synths, guzheng and a glockenspiel, evoking the melancholy of this love story that never was.

The inspiration for the track, ‘Christmas in August’ (1998), was one of the first films of New Korean Cinema to combine romance with heart-breaking drama. In later years, two young lovers one with a terminal illness, became something of a cliché, but this film remains one of the best; simple, delicate and very moving

The music is non-profit, and I hope to introduce more audiences to Korean cinema and culture. All films are credited in the video. As such, I hope I may claim ‘Fair Use’, the video being for non-commercial artistic and educational purposes.

The next section is just for my own records and will be of no interest to anyone except maybe low-fi recording geeks.

The track is in the Key of G

Tempo at drum section 133 6/8 Time

Garageband sequence

Track 1 Drum machine: Vintage Kit

Track 2 Clean Stack Guitar amp

Riff: Gm7 (root on the 10th fret, A string) / Cm7 (root on the 3rd fret, A string)

Track 3 Grand Piano

G F# G C / G F# G

Track 4 Alchemy synth – Voices – Girl’s Choir

Chorus selection (Chorus 11 o’clock / Reverb 11)

Track 5 Guzheng

G Am C Em chords

Tracks 6 Film Clips. Audio: Voice, Extreme Tuning

Track 7 Alchemy Synth – Glockenspiel

D G A – E D C

Tracks 8 & 9 Guitar Tones

Track 8: Palace of Mirrors PROCESSED

Track 9: Auditorium CLEAN

Riff: E 15 14 15 B 15 E 14 G 12

E string {C B A} G F# G D F# G {E} [20th – 12th frets)

B string D [15th fret]

G string G [12th fret]

Coming soon … ‘We are the Cyborgs, but that’s OK’

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