Young Teens: our Pledge of Quiet

12th May 2023

Today I start a new class, and I’m very lucky; they are great. The class has some outstanding students who display motivation, respect and diligence.

That being said (however), they are still young, the hour is still early, so some ground rules need to be in place from Day One.

I encourage joking and having fun – the students will learn much more if they enjoy the class. But there is a time for joking and a time for working.

At the beginning of our new semester, my students will recite and sign this pledge:


No talking, shouting, animal noises, clicking of pens, stamping of feet, slamming of books, whistling etc.

You will get ONE Black Star warning. The second Black Star means you go out of the class. You will have a short meeting with the Manager. The meeting will not be fun for you.

We can not help you improve your pronunciation if there is so much noise that we can not hear you.

You signed the Pledge … now keep to your word.

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