Adult Speaking Class, Level 2: Easter

1st January 2020

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This lesson is about Easter, a public holiday throughout many western countries. Unlike Christmas, Easter does not have an exact date (similar to Tet in Asia). This year, easter falls on Sunday April 12th.

The videos will introduce you to the celebration as well as teaching new words and expressions.

Easter traditions

New vocabulary:

to experience – to feel something, to do something. 

I have experienced Tet holiday in Viet Nam

resurrection – to come back to life after death.

festivities – things to do at parties or what happens on a public holiday

symbol – a sign or logo – yellow star is a symbol of Viet Nam, golden arches McDonalds

hang on a minute ! – stop and wait !

mythical – something that is like a legend, probably not real

coincides – happens at the same time. John’s wedding coincides with the World Cup.

break up – phrasal verb – to have a school holiday. The kids break up on the 24thJuly.

British traditions:(0 – 1.31)

This video is intermediate to advanced level, but it’s a chance to listen to naturtal speaking from a British lady.

Another video, this time from the newsinlevels website. Here, you are able to select the level (1, 2 or 3) that is best for you. Furthermore, the speaking is designed for English learners, so has less intonation and chunking:

What holiday is next week ? In which city ?

What is special about one egg ? Do people like them ?

Speaking practise:

Nina Have you seen this western tradition ? They give chocolate eggs at Easter.

Eva Are you serious ? I adore chocolate. Who gives them ?

Nina Well, parents give to children, husbands give to wives, boyfriends to girlfriends.

Eva I haven’t seen them. Can you tell me about them ?

Nina Sure, I saw them in England. It is a large piece of chocolate shaped like an egg.

Eva I like the sound of that. A giant chocolate egg, sounds like heaven.

Nina That’s only part of it. Inside the egg, there are more chocolates.

Eva Ok, next year I am going to England. I will eat like a pig. A chocolate pig !

Image result for easter eggs"
chocolate Easter eggs

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