Some light relief

15th January 2022

For a break from conjugating verbs (yes, I make my class recite verbs, the old-fashioned way and guess what – it works, go figure), here are some clips to chase away the grammar Blues.

Firstly, who doesn’t love a funny animal ?

How about some not so friendly animals ? One of my Top Cat students loves pandas and was adamant that they were always cute and cuddly and safe. I hated to break it to her, but the truth will out …

Occasionally a student will deliberately disobey a teacher. Recently, I reiterated some information about preventing COVID, namely not touching eyes, nose and mouth. No sooner said than a young man began ostentatiously inserting his fingers into his nostrils. What could I say ? I thought of a famous political phrase from former President Barack Obama:

You need only watch the first seven or eight seconds. You probably will watch it again, seven or eight times (unless you are the person to whom former President Obama referred).

To end on a happier note, look what you can do if you practice:

Yoyoka from Japan
A 6-year old Chinese girl – I wish i could play half as well.

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