Young Learners, Level 4: Fun Facts about Space

30th January 2022

New Vocabulary

solar system

planet (Earth, gas giant, rock)

moon (the Moon)




Sol was the Roman God of the Sun. All stars are suns

All the planets are names after Roman Gods, except Uranus who was a Greek God, and Earth which is an English-German word.

The first four planets from the sun are small, and have a rock centre (core).

The outer four are mostly made of gas.

When Voyager gave us the first close-up pictures of Saturn's rings |

The rings of Saturn, which look amazing and so beautiful, are just made of dust and ice, with bits of rock.


The speed of sound is 343 metres per second (usually given as 330 m p s)

The speed of light is 299 792 458 metres per second or approximately 300 000 000 m p s or 300 000 km per second.

Sound cannot travel through a vacuum

To demonstrate the last point, show NOT tell. Here’s a good example (start around the 0:24 second mark): An iPhone not making sound in a vacuum.

Space Cadets Quiz

Who was the first man on the moon ?

Buzz Aldrin / Michael Collins / Neil Armstrong

What is the biggest planet ?

Jupiter / Saturn / Mars

The sun is a … ?

planet / star / moon

What is faster ?

light / sound / Ms Bao Tran speaking (just give the name of any talkative students, and then elicit the adjective talkative).

In space, people are … ?

heavier / lighter / weigh the same

The first animal in space was a … ?

monkey / elephant / dog

The crew of Apollo 11

Answers: Neil Armstrong / Jupiter / star / light / lighter / dog

The Last one could seem to be a trick question. The answer is Laika, the Russian dog. Fruit flies and then monkeys were first put into rockets but they didn’t go high enough to officially enter space.

Laika, the Russian space dog

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