Young Teens: King Arthur & the sword in the stone

21st April 2022

Young Arthur pulls the sword from the stone

Word bank:

advise / brave / failed / knight / legend / loyal / respect / rule / wizard /

One of the most famous British legends is that of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

Arthur was the son of Uther Pendragon. When he was a boy, Arthur stayed with Merlin who was a wizard. Merlin knew magic, and was able to advise young Arthur.

Merlin the wizard

A famous legend is how Arthur became king. A sword was in a stone. If anyone could life the stone out, that person would be king and would rule the country.

Many people tried and many people failed. When the boy Arthur wanted to try, everybody laughed. He was too small and weak. However …

Arthur had some soldiers called knights around him. The knights had to be brave, loyal, show respect and protect women. Arthur and his Knights sat at a round table.

Arthur has many legends, that are very interesting and exciting. You can learn more in this short video:

Or you can read in many different books:

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