Young Teens: Three British Legends

13th May 2022

Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, UK

You have read about three famous people from British history.

Question 1: Who are they ?

Here is a short video about Robin Hood.

Watch it twice, the second time write down any words you don’t know. I want at least five words.

Question 2: Returning to our three famous people, who was real, who was based on a real ruler and who is maybe only a legend?

Question 3: Match the pictures with the legends. EXAMPLE:

Sir Lancelot is part of the King Arthur legend.

Now … Your turn

Picture 1 is Friar Tuck

Picture 2 is Black Bess

Picture 3 is the sword Excalibur

Picture 4 is Maid Marion

Picture 5 is the Green Man Pub in London

Picture 6 is Sherwood Forest, Nottingham

Picture 7 is Camelot Castle

Creative Time – which character do you like most ? Which one would YOU like to be ? Alternately, tell me about someone from YOUR country’s history.

Write a short story, and feel free to draw and colour. You may make a comic book, if you like. If you can’t draw, no problem, just write.

Vocabulary bank:

brave / cheerful / cruel / dangerous / disrespectful / greedy / honest / intelligent / legendary / loyal / punish / ruler / ubiquitous /

extremely / amazingly / unbelievably

I wish I could be … // In my dream, I would be …

Goodbye from Robin Hood


1 – King Arthur / Robin Hood / Dick Turpin

2 – King Arthur was based on a ruler but probably a Duke, not a King. Dick Turpin was real, while we are still not sure if Robin Hood was real.

3 – Robin Hood / Dick Turpin / King Arthur / Robin Hood / Dick Turpin / Robin Hood

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6 thoughts on “Young Teens: Three British Legends

  1. I think you threw some hard ones in there for your students. Robin Hood has been depicted with any number of appearances, and it would be even harder for somebody who isn’t English to ID him. Same with the others.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi – good to hear from you again. How’ve you been ? As for the blog, the class have been reading about Arthur, Robin, & Dick Turpin in their course book, so this is just revision, and reinforcing new vocabulary. I don’t think Dick Turpin is famous outside of the UK; he would be akin to maybe Jesse James or Billy the Kid. I’m going with Errol Flynn every time on Robin Hood (the Disney fox is a very close second).

      Liked by 1 person

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