Young learners, level 3: Let’s tell a story.

18th August 2022

Reading is cool !

Let’s tell a story !

First we need a subject, a person or animal, or both:

a pirate
girl who plays guitar
boy who plays football or sports
happy mummy
angry man

Now, what are they doing ? Maybe they are:

walking // playing // working // talking // watching // reading // doing homework // making a video // looking for something

What other verbs do you know ?

Now we need some adjectives. What adjectives do you know ?

old / young / beautiful / handsome / ugly / happy / angry / sad / amazing / clever / cute / dangerous / exciting / great / healthy / unhealthy / intelligent / interesting / lazy / talented

Now, let’s make a story. I will choose the teacher.

One day a handsome teacher was making a video for YouTube. The teacher has short, straight, black hair, and a black beard. He looks very friendly and happy. He is speaking about sharks. Sharks are very dangerous, big and angry. The video is very exciting and interesting.

Now … your turn. Tell me an interesting story. You may draw and colour as well

bye-bye from The Beatles

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