All the world’s a stage … and my students shall play their parts

1st May 2023

As You Like It, Act 2, Scene 7

Recently, we have focused on writing, using new vocabulary and making sure the grammar is perfect. Now it’s time to apply the same creativity to speaking. Are you good to go ?

All right, all right, all right !

Let us write a short piece and then perform it for the class. We shall write about what happens in an English lesson.

First, we need four characters:

a teacher // a TA (teaching assistant) // the Manager // a student

Next, build up the character

Is the teacher strict, friendly, happy, angry ?

Is the TA helpful, funny, polite, lazy ?

Is the Manager scary, rude, kind, elegant ?

Is the student hard-working or lazy, polite or disrespectful ?

Finally, we need a situation

What happens ? Is the student very good, or very naughty ? Is the manager proud or angry ? Does the TA listen to the teacher or play on a phone ?

Word bank:

over the moon / body language / strict / furious / hard-working / thoughtless / screaming

Work in groups of four. If you only have three, you can leave out the TA or Manager.


Teacher is Ms Jane / TA is Mr Khanh / Manager is Ms Mi and the student is Graham.

Ms Jane: Mr Khanh, what is Graham doing ?

Mr Khanh: I think he is sleeping. Graham, Wake up !

Graham: I am awake.

Ms Jane: Look at his body language. You must respect teachers. You should be more hard-working, like Larry.

Graham: Larry is stupid !

Mr Khanh: Say, “Sorry !” You are so rude and lazy.

Ms Jane: If you don’t say sorry, you will go to the Manager.

Graham: I’m not scared.

Ms Jane: Ms Mi will be furious. She will scream at you.

Mr Khanh: I will send her a message … now.

Ms Mi enters

Ms Mi: Where is the impolite boy ? Come here. You must always respect teachers and do as they say.

Graham: Yes, Ms Mi. I promise.

Ms Mi: Apologise to the teachers.

Graham: I’m sorry. I will work hard now.

Mr Khanh: Good. Now sit down and do the lesson.

Ms Mi starts to leave

Ms Jane: Everybody say, “Goodbye, Ms Mi.”

Ms Mi: When I see everybody working hard, I am over the moon. Keep studying.


Now … your turn

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