Young Learners, levels 2 & 3. Snakes & ladders review games

29th November 2022

Team games are a great way to motivate younger students, as well as reinforcing their knowledge of English. Ideally, games should test all learning skills; reading, writing, speaking and listening, not to mention focusing on pronunciation and grammar.

Here’s a familiar game which can be used in the classroom together with an online dice. Put the students into small teams, and give them mini boards and markers.

First, some questions for level 2

Give me a sentence with these verbs:

dance / drink / eat / take / hold / listen

some or any ?

Is there ____ milk ?

There are ________ eggs.

Are there _____ fries ?

There are _____ carrots.

Would you like ____ ice cream ?

There aren’t ___ sausages.

Grammar: conjugate these verbs

I like watching football (you / he / she / it / Mr John / we / they).

I don’t like taking photos (you / he / she / it / Mr John / we / they).

I can float in space (you / he / she / it / Mr John / we / they).

Adjectives. Write two adjectives for:

a tiger / a dolphin / a puppy / a vampire / a frog


What do you do at 7.00 in the morning ?

What do you do at 1.00 in the afternoon ?

What do you do at 9.00 in the evening ?

Quick writing: You have 10 seconds to write down as many words as you can beginning with the letter:

s / p / t

Tell me something you like and something you don’t like. EXAMPLE: I really like English however, I don’t like maths.

Tell me three things you can have in a:

kitchen / bedroom / living room

Tell me about your family. Try to speak for as long as possible.

Example: I have a mummy, a daddy and two brothers. My mummy is friendly. She is small and has black hair. My daddy is tall. My older brother likes to play video games. My young brother likes to read books.

Write a sentence with these adverbs. One sentence each:

always / usually / sometimes / never

Tell me what children can do in Sai Gon

Image from Pinterest from

Young Learners, level 2: Greek heroes to help you learn.

14th November 2022

Divide the class into small teams. Each team is given paper, crayons, markers and a board.

The teams are names after Greek heroes:




The heroes need to fight evil monsters.

Heracles must beat Cerberus, an angry dog with three heads.

Theseus must beat the Minotaur, an animal half man, half bull. The Minotaur is very, very strong.

Perseus must beat Medusa, a woman with dangerous snakes in her hair. Anyone who looks at Medusa will turn to stone.

The task is not easy, it is a task for heroes. The heroes must answer questions, write, draw and conjugate verbs.

The first team to get 10 points will win. Let’s get started.

1) Write down an animal that is black and white

2) Write down 2 animals that can fly

3) Write 3 animals that can swim

4) A _________ can _____ a house

5) A _________ can ____ fruit and vegetables

6) A ________ can ____ people who are not well.

7) A football player scoring / scores goals.

8) A teacher teach / teaches students.

9) I play / plays guitar.

10) Chose one person to draw. On the board, draw your monster (Cerberus, Minotaur or Medusa). You have three minutes each.

11) Complete the sentences with adjectives.

A dog is very ____ and _____ .

A crocodile is very ______ and ______ .

A panda is very ______ and ________ .

12) Write 2 things you do in the morning

13) Write 2 things you do in the afternoon

14) Write 2 things you do in the evening

15) Draw a clock on your board

Show me five o’clock

Show me seven o’clock

Show me twelve o’clock

16) Write 2 words that begin with bl, cl, pl.

17) Conjugate these verbs


I am scared of lions / you / he / she / it / Mr John / we / they


I am very strong / you / he / she / it / Mr John / we / they


I am not scared of snakes / you / he / she / it / Mr John / we / they

18) Answer ‘Sure, that sounds fun,’ ‘Good idea,’ or ‘Not really.’

Do you want to fight a lion ?

Do you want to do homework all day ?

Do you want to play tennis ?

19) Team Heracles suggest something to Team Theseus and get a response. Team Theseus ask Team Perseus, and Team Perseus ask Team Heracles.

EXAMPLE: Do you want to drink water ?

20) Some or any.

There is ____ milk.

There isn’t ____ chicken.

There are _____ grapes.

Are there ______ eggs ?

Is there ____ juice ?

_____ there _____ water ?

21) You have 10 seconds. Write food that is healthy. Write food that is unhealthy. Write some drinks.

22) Write 2 fun places for children in Sai Gon

23) Write a sentence using

exciting / dangerous / happy

24) Sing the finish work song (“Dear teacher, I am finished.”)

25) How can you kill a skeleton. Watch the hero Jason.

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Young learners, levels 1 & 2: what to do in Sai Gon

8th November 2022

An activity for lower-level students, to help develop listening skills as well as creative thinking. Students should be encouraged to speak in sentences as opposed to shouting out single-word answers.

Putting students into teams, creating a competitive atmosphere is very beneficial. Therefore split the class into groups of four or so students. Each group is given a marker and board, paper and crayons.

The video is about activities for children to do in Sai Gon (the actual video starts around 0:30, and the subtitles are not always correct):

Tell the class to watch very carefully; they will be asked questions about the video.

After the first viewing, ask some basic questions, such as what activities did they see, have they been or done any of these, did the children have fun etc.

Then play the video again and ask more detailed questions

Question 1: What was the first activity ?

2: Name 5 animals you saw 3: What can you do there ?

4: What was activity 2 ? 5: how high is the wall ? 6: do you think this is dangerous ? 7: how much does it cost ?

8: what was activity 3 ? 9: what can you hear ? 10: is the show in English or Vietnamese ?

11: what was activity 4 ? 12: what day is it closed ? 13: what is the cost for adults and children

Part 2: what activity do you like best. Tell me why. Try to use these adjectives:

fun / exciting / healthy / dangerous / happy

Part 3: draw a day out in Sai Gon and write about your day. You may have 1 activity or many.


I go to Dam Sen Water Park with my family.

It is fun and we are happy.

We can swim and play in the water. The Water Park is exciting.

It is a great day.

Part 4: Grammar

I am very happy // You … very happy // He … // She … // It … // Ms Huong // We … // They …

Answers 1: Artinus 3-D Museum 2: cheetah, lizard, gorilla, butterfly, unicorn, frog, dinosaur, birds, bears, fish, octopus, lion 3: take photos 4: X-rock climbing 5: 20 metres 6: yes, it can be dangerous 7: $6 an hour 8: water-puppet show 9: you can hear singing and traditional music 10: in Vietnamese 11: Dam Sen Water Park 12: Tuesdays 13: $6 adult, $3 child

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Young Learners, level 2: Basic Simple Past exercises

26th October 2022

What did they do yesterday ?

A chance to review the simple past (verb 2).

I expect all students to be able to use the past tense by the end of the seminar.

infinite / present (verb 1) / past (verb 2)

1 to be am / was [I am / I was]

are / were [they are / they were]

2 to have have / had

3 to do do / did

4 to say say / said

5 to go go / went

6 to get get / got

7 to make make / made

8 to know know /knew

9 to think think / thought

10 to take take / took

11 to see see / saw

12 to come come / came

13 to want want / wanted

14 to use use / used

15 to find find / found

Past Tense Exercise

1. You (have) a test yesterday.

You had a test yesterday.

2. They (do) their homework last night.

They ——-  their homework last night.

3. You (are) lazy last week.

You ——- lazy last week.

4. I (am) hungry yesterday.

I  ——- hungry yesterday.

5. Sam (go) to Hong Kong last year.

Sam  ——- to Hong Kong last year.

6. The man (make) tables and chairs yesterday.

The man  —— tables and chairs yesterday.

7. Two weeks ago the boy (has) a new bicycle.

Two weeks ago the boy  ——- a new bicycle.

8. In London I (know) many people.

In London I _______ many people.

9. I (get) 10 points in my English test.

I ______ 10 points in my English test.

10. I (want) to see a great film.

I _______ to see a great film.

Extra work for Top Cats

Corrections: Write in the past tense

I (am) born in Vietnam and (arrive) in Sai Gon in 2020. I (go) to school in District 1 because I (want) to work near my home. Last week, my friend (have) a party. She (dance) all night and I (hear) her singing. In the morning, she (have) a headache.

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Young Learners, level 2: be clever and wonderful

23rd July 2022

Lesson aims:

Encourage students to answer in sentences

Introduce the ‘a’ or ‘an’ article

Correct use of adjectives and sentence structure

Today we learnt six adjectives:

clever / cute / dangerous / scary / wild / wonderful

Part 1: What are these animals ?

What is it ? It a ________ or It’s an _________

We use ‘an’ if the word begins with a / e / i / o / u

Example: What is it ? It’s a dog.

What is it ?

Part 2: Use the new adjectives

What is it ? It’s a wild lion

What is it ? It’s a ______ ________

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Young Learners, level 2: What are they doing in Sweden ?

Review Everybody Up 2 Unit 1 – 5

31st December 2020

Before you arrive | Lund University
Pin on Ethnic Fashion - European III

A condensed version of a longer lesson on Sweden, available here:

Review of 1st, 2nd & 3rd person continuous verbs in positive, negative & question form.

Warm Up: What are these children wearing ? I expect at least two adjectives before the noun as well as telling me how the children feel.

Moving on up, Swedish food: What do YOU want ? Ask your partner – what does he or she want ? tell the class.

I want / I don’t want // She wants / She doesn’t want


I want meatballs however I don’t want fish.

He wants eggs however he doesn’t want semla (cake).

Swedish meatballs
Swedish fish
Swedish cheese
Filled eggs halves garnish with prawns and Swedish caviar Filled egg halves  Fyllda ägghalvor | Scandinavian food, International recipes, Swedish recipes
Swedish eggs
Swedish Potato Salad · How To Cook A Potato Salad · Recipes on Cut Out +  Keep
Potato salad
Semal cake – delicious !
Juicy Strawberry Fruit In Swedish Garden Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty  Free Image. Image 16292965.

NOW – what are these Swedish people doing ?

Sweden's Abba reunite to save Mamma Mia island - The Local

They are … however, they aren’t …

Pippi Longstocking, rebel and role model
15 Things Not to Do When You Travel to Sweden
81 Swedish Girls Drawing Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock
File:Skilla – Wilwarin Festival 2014 05.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Skilla, with Lisa on guitar, Nina on violin and Vanja on bass guitar
What is the Swedish Midsommar festival? | Ritual Trip

Are they writing ? No, they’re …….

Where are the children ? What can you see in the room ?

Where is the table ? Where is the bookshelf ?

Where is the globe ? Where is the window ? What would you like in your bedroom ?

Swedish Fans Parade. People Singing And Dancing. Editorial Photography -  Image of scandinavian, fifa: 121120057

Young Learners, Level 2: Unit Review 1 – 4

25th November 2020

Everybody Up Units 1 – 4.

Subjects: Feelings, sensations, occupations, places, clothes, food

Grammar: Yes, I am / No, I’m not ||he is / she isn’t ||Is she / is she / Are they ? ||Where is ? ||What do you want ? || He does / she doesn’t ||What’s he wearing ? / She’s wearing a …

Adjectives: plain, flowery, striped, checked, delicious, intelligent, brave, scared, hard-working

Song: “I would go out tonight, but I haven’t got a stitch to wear.”

this charming man the smiths gif | WiffleGif
The Smiths with ‘This Charming Man.’

As usual, divide the class into teams, give points to make the games more exciting.

First up: feelings

Choose some top cat students, one by one. Outside of the class, show them a flashcard (happy, sad, thirsty etc). The student has to mime or act the emotion.

Next up:

Have a small group of students hold the flashcards. Model a question e.g. “Is Tina thirsty ?” Students reply, “Yes, she is,” or “No, she isn’t,” depending on whether she is holding that card. Appoint a new teacher (thay in Viet) to ask the next question.

Moving on up: Pronunciation, intonation and stress

Thay Paul loves coffee so does his friend Agent Cooper: Students can act out the scene. Not only does it require stress and emotion, but also pacing.

No time to lose: Run ‘n’ write

What are the five senses ? One student from each team writes a sense on the board. Then say a noun – one student from each team will tick which sense applies e.g. ‘Pizza.’ Students can tick ‘see,’ ‘taste,’ ‘smell’ & ‘touch.’ ‘Guitar‘ (‘see,’ ‘hear,’ ‘touch.’)

Nouns: bird / flower / ball / juice / ice cream / coffee

What’s my line ?: What are these jobs ?

ahretec // crodot // okoc // usb rrvied // hrifgefirte //

Use students as teacher and ask :

Are they pilots ?

Answer with Yes, they are OR No, they aren’t. They’re ________

The Nurses Union of Thailand keep fighting for fair compensation - PSI -  The global union federation of workers in public services

Are they police officers ?

Jobs - Baamboozle

Are they students ?

Làm thế nào tôi có thể trở thành một đầu bếp trong 2020? Trường học tốt  nhất, chi phí, tiền lương.

Are they football players ?

Could This Be ITV's Best Sitcom? - British Classic Comedy

Are they The Smiths ?

Smiths - The Sound of the Smiths - Music

Snack time: What do you want to eat ? Choose six students and give them a food flash card. They must say what they want (the card they hold) and then name something they don’t want e.g.

I want soup however I don’t want salad

Change students, then model a question, “Does Max want eggs ?” Students answers could include,

“No, he doesn’t want eggs, he wants spaghetti.”

Quick fire round: Have the students ask each other, “What do you want ?” and they have to answer,

“I want [french fries] however I don’t want [steak].”

Dress to impress:

Finally, have the students describe other student’s clothes, using at least two adjectives e.g. Thay Paul is wearing a plain white shirt.

What is this young lady wearing ?

Levi's® Tie Dye T-Shirt - Women's T-Shirts in Tie Dye | Buckle

Young Learners, Level 2: I would go out tonight, but I haven’t got a stitch to wear

11th November 2020

A step up in the musical education of my younglings. After teaching them to say … to scream, “I feel good,” a la James Brown (because I cannot stand the pre-programmed, “I’m fine,”) we’re moving on to one of my favourite bands: The Smiths. This song has a reference to clothing albeit in rather high-level English. However, the motivated students, with repetition, can absorb so much and really boost their vocabulary. So, without further ado … The Smiths with ‘This Charming Man’ :

The lines in question start at 0:45 – 0:51

“I would go out tonight but I haven’t got a stitch to wear.”

This means that the singer doesn’t has any nice clothes to go out or has no money to buy new clothes

Play the song and the younglings have to shout out every time they hear the lyrics.

Bonus questions:

What is the singer wearing ? What is he doing ?

What instruments are the band playing ?

Clothes: a previous blog covered clothing vocabulary. Select what is appropriate for this level, e.g. for material just choose cotton, silk and plastic :

What are they wearing ?

The Smiths The Queen is dead Us tour 86 T Shirt Summer Casual Fashion Fun  New T-shirt Harajuku Women's Short Sleeve Tops tees | Wish

She is wearing a white cotton T-shirt with ‘The Smiths’ in blue as well as a brown skirt and a white headband.

Now … your turn

School uniforms by country - Wikipedia
Why Crazy Socks? Because every year a million patients lose their doctors
Swan dress - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia
Flyguy Pimpin' * Antonio Fargas as Flyguy * From the Movie * I'm Gonna Git  You Sucka* - YouTube

Design your own T-shirt:

T Shirt Coloring Page - Coloring Home

Young Learners, Level 2: Review

10th October 2020

Everybody Up 2     Lesson Review

Young Learners English |Cambridge Young Learners|( PTE) Pearsons Young  Learners Hong Kong

A review of the new vocabulary and sentence building skills the students should know:

and – as well as                but – however


big / huge             small / little / tiny

brave / scary /      smart / clever       hungry / thirsty

cold / freezing      hot      //          strong /      fast / slow          

bored / excited / sick / tired / sleepy

yummy / delicious    //   noisy / quiet

An elephant is very big, strong as well as very smart

English teaching children games – Thay Paul's Notes
Mr Paul and his elephant friend


A mouse is very ______ as well as ______

Pizza is ______ as well as ____________

A runner is very f—   __________ very s—–

A doctor is ______ _____


cook / dance / draw / drink / eat / fly / go / hear / hop / jump / look / play / run / see / sit / sleep / smell / stand / swim / talk / taste / touch / walk / work / write /

verb                     verb + ing

I drink   //               I am drinking

You drink  //            You are drinking

He drinks  //           He is drinking

She drinks  //          She is drinking

They drink // They are drinking

What are they doing ?

History of Olympic swimming

They are ________

An African Minute: Africans in the Diaspora (AiD) - OkayAfrica

They are ________

Mighty Kicks Soccer Franchise Helps Kids Learn — prREACH Viral Social VIDEO  Press Release Service

He ________________________________

A little cute girl studying and drawing Stock Video | Knot9

She ______________________

He dances in the rain                 He is dancing in the rain

Romanticando - Gene Kelly Singing In The Rain | Facebook

She looks at a book in school She ____________________

Stock Photos of S.Korean Children - Girl Reading Book 4 -

She walks very fast 


Russians finish 1-2 in women's race walk - YouTube

           He plays guitar so loud

12 Things You Never Knew About Jimi Hendrix | Features | Clash Magazine

He jumps over a chair  


Bill Gates jumps over a chair in a 1994 CBS TV interview with Connie Chung  - Business Insider

               She cooks delicious pizza

Happy Young Woman Cooking Pizza at Home. Oven stock photo © Vasily  Pindyurin (chesterf) (#4333461) | Stockfresh

What can you do ? What can’t you do ?

I can play guitar however I can’t play violin

She can play drums however she can’t play piano

8-Year-Old Japanese Girl Stuns Robert Plant By Nailing Led Zeppelin Drum  Part | HuffPost

He can speak Japanese however he can’t speak _____

Let's Talk About Japanese Cram School

A bird can ______ however a bird can’t _______

A fish can _______ however a fish can’t ______

Young Learners, level 2: Senses working overtime – language review.

3rd October 2020

Everybody Up Book 2, Unit 2, Lesson 1

Objectives: review recent vocabulary, encourage more student-to-student talking, develop sentence building skills, practice the third person form with ‘he’ & ‘she.’

It’s early Sunday morning, so time to wake with Mr James Brown. Younglings … how do you feel ?

Tell me about these people. He is or she is …

Premium Photo | Happy asian woman excited with thumb up taking selfie in  city street
She is ……….
Close Up Of Cute Tired Child Boy Sleeping On Sofa. Stock Photo, Picture And  Royalty Free Image. Image 16960148.
He is ……
Bored indian kid pic Stock Photos - Page 1 : Masterfile
He is very …..
Premium Photo | Korean red chili powder
She is very ….

The top cats are able to form basic sentences such as:

I can run however I can’t fly

New vocabulary included the five sense

s _ _ // h – – – // s – – – – // t – – – – // t o – – – //

Warm Up: What can he or she do ?

Ask your partner what he or she can do

What can you do ? What can’t you do ?

Here, my wonderful TA will ask me, then tell the class, in order to model how to answer

Ask Thay Paul – what can you do ?

I can play guitar however I can’t play piano

Tell the class:

He can play guitar however he can’t play piano

Next – using the new vocabulary in a sentence form. What can he or she do and what can’t they do ?


Korean+butterfly Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

She can see a butterfly however she can’t hear a butterfly.

She can touch a butterfly however she can’t taste a butterfly.

Teen girl with pizza stock photo. Image of eating, dinner - 156547378

She can __________ a pizza however she can’t __________ a pizza

Metallica Nothing Else Matter (cover by azry) - YouTube

He can ________ a guitar __________________________

5027-a-beautiful-african-american-teen-girl-smelling-a-flower-pv.jpg -  Member Albums - RISING PHOENIX GAMING an rpg play by post community

She can ______________________________

I Wish Someone Would Look At Me The Way Dogs Look At Food | Funny animal  photos, Funny dog pictures, Funny animal pictures

He can __________________________________

Tell me more

He is a dog,

he is a hungry dog,

he is a very hungry dog

he is not (isn’t) a cat

Female doctors who broke the glass ceiling

She is a doctor. She isn’t a teacher.

Flying high as first Saudi pilot of world's largest aircraft | Arab News

He is a pilot. He isn’t a doctor.

Undergraduate Torah Studies: James Striar School | Yeshiva University

He is a student. He isn’t a pilot.