Young Learners, levels 2 & 3. Snakes & ladders review games

29th November 2022

Team games are a great way to motivate younger students, as well as reinforcing their knowledge of English. Ideally, games should test all learning skills; reading, writing, speaking and listening, not to mention focusing on pronunciation and grammar.

Here’s a familiar game which can be used in the classroom together with an online dice. Put the students into small teams, and give them mini boards and markers.

First, some questions for level 2

Give me a sentence with these verbs:

dance / drink / eat / take / hold / listen

some or any ?

Is there ____ milk ?

There are ________ eggs.

Are there _____ fries ?

There are _____ carrots.

Would you like ____ ice cream ?

There aren’t ___ sausages.

Grammar: conjugate these verbs

I like watching football (you / he / she / it / Mr John / we / they).

I don’t like taking photos (you / he / she / it / Mr John / we / they).

I can float in space (you / he / she / it / Mr John / we / they).

Adjectives. Write two adjectives for:

a tiger / a dolphin / a puppy / a vampire / a frog


What do you do at 7.00 in the morning ?

What do you do at 1.00 in the afternoon ?

What do you do at 9.00 in the evening ?

Quick writing: You have 10 seconds to write down as many words as you can beginning with the letter:

s / p / t

Tell me something you like and something you don’t like. EXAMPLE: I really like English however, I don’t like maths.

Tell me three things you can have in a:

kitchen / bedroom / living room

Tell me about your family. Try to speak for as long as possible.

Example: I have a mummy, a daddy and two brothers. My mummy is friendly. She is small and has black hair. My daddy is tall. My older brother likes to play video games. My young brother likes to read books.

Write a sentence with these adverbs. One sentence each:

always / usually / sometimes / never

Tell me what children can do in Sai Gon

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