Traffic talking points

7th December 2021

A lesson chockablock with phrases, slang and expressions on the subject of traffic.

THEME: Traffic

rush hour / ring road / congested / blind spot / flyover / motorway Metro or Subway/ U-Bahn (Germany) / the Tube (London) / roundabout

road rage / one-way street / traffic jam / chockablock / cutting in / cut me off / hit every red light !

Discuss any words you don’t know with your teacher or look online

What are the issues facing you when you travel around your town or city? [what problems do you have ?]

This is an opinion question, so start your answer with:

In my opinion // In my experience // For me // I believe // I think / It seems to me

First, think of the positives:

Is it easy to travel around ?

Is petrol or gas cheap ? Are there many petrol stations ?

Can anyone attain a driver’s licence ?

What about public transport ? Cheap, reliable, clean, safe ?

Conversely, think of the negatives such as the time spent travelling.

Accidents and costs: insurance, petrol, maintenance

Dangers: pollution, other drivers, road etiquette

Condition of roads

Is traffic getting worse in your home city ? Why do you think so ? 

What can be done to ease this situation ?

Finally, what is your conclusion ?

What is happening here ?

What do you think will happen to the driver of the bus ?

Taking a Viet driving test

The second clip is from ‘Top Gear’ (UK). The boys came to Vietnam, in 2008. They had a challenge: to buy a car then drive from HCM City to Hanoi.

What could possibly go wrong ?

Note down any new expressions, then practice … and practice … and practice

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