Adult Speaking Class, Level 3: Love and Marriage. A video compilation

27th January 2022

The Cadbury Conference 2017 - University of Birmingham

A compilation of videos used for the themes of love, dating, marriage and wedding traditions. Links to previous blogs will be listed at the end.

First, some Listening practice: How did these couples meet ?

This video was shot (filmed) in New York, so you will hear American English:

Some people try blind dating which is arranging a date with someone that you don’t know. Maybe a friend suggests someone for you, or you go on television:

Blind date TV show (this is from UK 1994)

Do you have game shows like this is your country ?

There are different UK accents here, so it is useful listening practice.

If the dates are successful, they could lead to weddings, married life and children.

Wedding vocabulary and listening exercise

The lady speaks slowly and clearly; try to understand without subtitles.

Here’s some clips of when the big day doesn’t go to plan.

Weddings can be a nerve-wracking time. Do you recognise anybody famous in this clip ?

Every wedding needs a good party. We start with a Jewish tradition, before moving on to Mexico.

Now back to life, back to reality. Let’s look at some grammar:

Phrasal verbs and family situations:

Top 10 Classic Songs to Sing at Wedding Ceremonies
Bye bye from the beautiful blushing bride

More in-depth blogs on the subject maybe be found here:

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Lesson 3:

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