Young learners: Animal Magic

25th January 2022

Orangutan's Incredible Reaction To A Magic Trick Is The Only Thing You Need  To See Today - UNILAD

A compilation of animal videos for comprehension, information or just end-of-lesson entertainment.

First, a chance to practise superlatives.

What is the largest mammal ? // What is the smallest one ?

How much does a blue whale weight ?

What is the largest bird ? // What is the smallest one ?

What is the largest reptile ? // What is the smallest one ?

How long is the crocodile ? // How long is the dwarf gecko ?

What is the largest fish ? // What is the smallest one ?

How long is the whale shark ?

A whale shark can be up to 10 meters long

The text book, which I follow, uses the USA spelling (meters not metres).

Activity: Make two crosses at the front of the class. Have two students stand on them; one will ask the question, the other answer. Repeat until all the class has participated.

Encourage full answers:

How long is the whale shark ?

“It’s up to 10 meters long.”


“The whale shark can be up to 10 meters long.”

Baby Animal Wallpaper Free Download #7003262


The blue whale // the bumblebee bat // [up to] 200 tonnes // ostrich // hummingbird // saltwater crocodile // dwarf gecko // whale shark // stout infant fish

Bonus points for additional facts such as a hummingbird can fly backwards, an ostrich can’t fly.

Secondly, amazing facts about the animal kingdom

When do ants sleep ? How do dolphins sleep ?

What can’t elephants do ? Is a giraffe noisy ?

How many hearts does an octopus have ?

How do butterflies taste ?

Why do camels have three eyelids ?

What is different about a hummingbird ?

How does a man penguin ask a woman penguin to marry him ?

And now, just for fun. Does an orangutan appreciate magic ?

Can a gorilla play drums ?

What can make a panda jump ?

Everybody, thank you for visiting this blog.

Happy year of the Tiger

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