Young Learners, Level 1: the basics

7th September 2022


Students able to form a short, four-word sentence using an article, a noun, a verb and an adjective.

Check and correct pronunciation.

Develop intonation.

Improve confidence in speaking.

Train students how to behave in a classroom, to bring pen and paper to class and to write down new words.

First a warm up

Board some letters (a, b, c, p, t, etc). Ask for animals beginning with the letters.

Write some adjectives (about 5 – 8 depending on class ability). Last night I chose:

angry / big / small / cute / dangerous / fast / slow

Students write down these words, then complete three sentences, and read to the class:

A dog is ______ .

An elephant is _____ .

A tiger is __________ .

Erase the adjectives from the board, leaving only the first letter.

Ask the weaker students to say the adjective, which they should have written down and repeated (several times).

Example: What adjective begins with ‘a’ ?

If the student is unable to answer, homework is to write the word five times and to use it in a short sentence:

A lion is angry

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