What’s the story (Morning Glory) ? Learning English with the Oasis lads.

20th March 2023

Today we are going to use all our English skills to create a wonderful story. We shall use adjectives, adverbs, perfect grammar and show off our amazing vocabulary.

Are you ready ? Let’s Rock ‘n’ Roll !

Oasis were a band of five musicians. They were from Manchester in north England. First, watch this video:

Tell me a story about the video.

Who is the main subject ?

What are they doing ?

How do they look ? Where are they ?

How about the other people in the video ?

How do they feel and why ?

What do they do ? What do they look like ?

There is so much to write about, so plan your story before you start writing.

WILF (What I’m Looking For):

A strong start, tell me about the main subjects.


Remember to use new, exciting adjectives. Look at your class notes.

What are they doing and how – use adverbs.

Here’s some brilliant words to make your story glorious:

irritating // annoying // thoughtless //

spyhole // letter box // dart board //

neighbours // tough guys // lady in a sari

tower block (a tall apartment building)

TOP CATS – some new expressions

Can’t hear myself think

The noise drives (the neighbours) crazy

The walls are paper-thin

If your work is sub-standard, you will have to sing this song in front of the whole class … so be brilliant !

Please Note: All photos are taken from Google Images or free photo sites, and are used for educational purposes only. No copyright infringement or offense is intended. If I have used your photo or image, and you wish me to remove it, just ask. This site is not monetized, I run it on my own dollar. Thank you.

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