What’s the story, Morning Glory ? Remastered 

24th March 2023

A remastered cut of a previous lesson, this one aimed at lower level students.

The full, Director’s Cut, Top Cat edition may be viewed here: https://thaypaulsnotes.com/2023/03/20/what-is-the-story-morning-glory-learning-english-with-the-oasis-lads/

Intro: How do you say these words ? By the end of the lesson, with the help of Oasis, you’ll be saying, singing, them like a native English-speaker.

Verse One: In English, we speak very quickly, we combine word sounds and ‘swallow’ other letters. When you hear the song, listen … these words are pronounced like this …

Needa lit’al timeta way cup,

Needa lit’al timeta way cup, way cup

In Standard English, I teach you to pronounce the ‘t’s clearly and precisely, but in natural spoken English, many people ‘swallow’ the sound. Best way, as usual, is to practise.

Verse Two: I will show you a video by the band Oasis.

Oasis were a band of five musicians. They were from Manchester in north England. First, watch this video:

Tell me a story about the video

Who is the main subject ?

Where are they ? What are they doing ?

How do they look ?

How about the other people in the video ?

How do they feel and why ?

What do they do ?


Remember to use new, exciting adjectives.

Look at your class notes.

Chorus: Plug in, turn up the amp to 11 and Rock ‘n’ Roll !

Let’s hit the effects pedals and get some wonderful words, amazing adjectives.

First, some nouns:

a group / a band / musicians / neighbours /

guitars / bass / drums / singer

shirt / sunglasses / sari / suit

tower block (apartment building)

Second, some verbs:

playing / singing / dancing / drumming

banging / knocking / kicking / shouting / screaming

Third, some adjectives:

angry / furious / loud / noisy / selfish / cool / crazy / colourful / thoughtless / handsome / ugly / tough / glorious

Time to Rock !

Five handsome, young musicians live in a tower block. They are …

What are they doing, what are they wearing ?

What is the problem ?

Tell me about the neighbours

And don’t forget to sing,

Needa lit’al timeta way cup, way cup

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