Poland: history, culture and beer

27th December 2021

Poland: Maps | Holocaust Encyclopedia

A compilation of exercises about this east European country, birthplace of the scientist Nicolaus Copernicus, the musician Frédéric Chopin, filmmakers Roman Polanski & Krzysztof Kieślowski and footballer Robert Lewandowski, to name just a few.

Salt Mine near Krakow, southern Poland

14 miles from Krakow in South Poland is this deep salt mine. Everything here has been hand-carved from blocks of salt. The mine has nine levels with over 300km of tunnels. Part of the mine is open to visitors.

The mine has 22 galleries, 64 metres to 135 metres underground. Guided tours take about two hours.

Additionally there is a chapel here measuring 54 m by 18m and 12m high. It took two men over thirty years to build. Visitors can also see an underground lake, and musicians playing brass instruments.

Pope John Paul and Bill Clinton are some of the famous visitors.

Image result for Krakow"
Krakow Town Square

Poland is famous for its vodka, as well as its beer.

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It’s beer o’clock !

What does our friend think of this Polish beer ?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUjQhsbAi6k

Cheers – Twoje zdrowie

New vocabulary: 

infamous / indication / originally / generic /bouquet / aroma /synthetic

Instead of saying ‘ let’s smell it’, he says ……..

What does he say before he drinks ?

Just by watching his expression, can you tell if he likes it ?

How does he describe the taste ?

20 Things to do in Kraków

Do you think they planned their trip well ?

 If not, why not ?

story of (my / your / our) life (lives) / place was buzzing / our mood / for starters / hop aboard / simmer down / booze cruise / the place was buzzing

Did you notice any superlatives ?

(the highest, smallest, most fascinating etc)

What do you think about Krakow ?

How does it compare with your home city or town ?

Polish food and drink

Would you like to try any of the food the travellers tried ?

Were there any new expressions you heard ? 

Is Polish cuisine closer to the Russian or to the German cuisine? What does  a Polish dinner table and food for dinner look like? Are there any  pictures? - Quora

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