Young Learners, levels 2 & 3: Grammarians of the Galaxy.

21st December 2022

You have to use your English grammar to save the Galaxy from evil … can you do it ? Of course !

Game 1: correct these sentences

1: I is happy (1 point)

2: You am sadd (1 point)

3: He am is angree (2 points)

4: She is is beautifulll (2 points)

5: they is brave verry (3 points)

6: We are to watching a film good (3 points)

7: He am strong and liking to dance (3 points)

8: He am Groot and are cute very. Also he friendly (4 points)

9: Hiss name are rocket and she to be very small and angry (4 points)

10: the joker am in the Guardian film no. He am in film battmann ( 10 points)

Game 2: write 3 sentences using helping verbs

Subject // helping verb // verb 1 or infinite verb // object // adverb

An infinite verb is to + verb 1

EXAMPLE: to eat // to watch // to go // to buy // to learn.

We NEVER use to + verbing:

to swimming // to drinking // to writing X

Subject // helping verb // verb 1 or infinite verb // object // adverb

I // can // play // piano // very well

I // like // to watch // TV // sometimes

I // want // to visit // Thailand // soon

What is different about helping verbs can and like & want ?

Can uses verb 1, but like & want use infinite (to + verb 1)

Now … Your turn

Write 3 sentences using can, like & want.


can + verb 1 // like + infinite // want + infinite

Only good grammar can defeat Thanos …

Good Luck !

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