Young Learners: Time Travellers

9th January 2023

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, “The Battle Between Carnival and Lent,” 1559 Kunsthistorisches Museum

Today we travel back in time to see how people lived 400 or 500 years ago. What was different ? What games did children play ?

First, we need a modern avatar. Team captains can choose from the following:

FBI Agent, Dale Cooper // Black Panther // Mulan

James Bond 007 // Reva // Lady Penelope

Sinbad the Sailor // The Minotaur


What do we have now that children did not have in the 1500s ? I want 3 things.

LEVEL UP: score 50 points


Tell me what you see in this picture. Remember to use adjectives.

Start with, “I can see …

LEVEL UP: score 100 points


The paintings are by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Read about his life:

Pieter Bruegel was born in Holland in 1529.

In the 1550s, he lived in Italy to study art. Bruegel liked to paint landscapes, and life in villages.

Many of his pictures tell a story. He had two sons who became painters. Their names were Jan and Pieter.

Bruegel died in 1569 in Belgium.


Where was Bruegel born ?

When was Bruegel born ?

What country did he visit in the 1550s ?

What did he like to paint ?

When and where did he die ?

What were the names of his two painter sons ?

LEVEL UP: score 200 points


Many of Bruegel’s painting are in the Art Museum in Vienna, Austria. Have a look at this virtual tour:,course%2C%20The%20Tower%20of%20Babel.

Look at the first picture at the top of this page.

Can you see it on the virtual tour ?

Look at the picture of the boys playing.

What is the name of this painting ?

Can you find this part of the painting ?

What other games can you see ?

LEVEL UP: score 500 points


Look at the painting ‘Children’s Games’ from 1560. In your teams, write a short story about what you see. Some people can draw, others can write. When you are finished, you may present to the class.

LEVEL UP: score 1000 points



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