Beginners’ English. Basic verb conjugation.

20th April 2023

I have a brown guitar.

You have many big books.

He has a new laptop.

She has a big teddy bear.

Mr John has an intelligent elephant.

We have a fun class.

Can you see how the verb ‘have’ changes ? Sometimes we use ‘have’, sometimes we use ‘has’.

I have
you have
he has
she has
Mr John has
we have // they have

Tôi có / bạn có /  anh ấy có /  
Cô bé có  / Ông John có
chúng ta có  / họ có

Now … your turn. We will use beach items, food and clothes.

First, at the beach …

I have a beach ball and I have an ice cream.

You ___ a beach ball and you ____ an ice cream.

He ___ a beach ball and he ____ an ice cream.

She ___ a beach ball and she ____ an ice cream.

Mr John ___ a beach ball and Mr John (he) ____ an ice cream.

We ___ a beach ball and we ____ an ice cream.

They ___ a beach ball and they ____ an ice cream.

NOW .. a new verb … ‘eat’

I eat delicious pizza

He eats a delicious doughnut (donut in USA)

Now … your turn

I eat delicious pizza.

You _____ delicious pizza.

He ____ delicious pizza.

She ____ delicious pizza.

Mr John _____ delicious pizza.

We _____ delicious pizza.

They _____ delicious pizza.

NOW .. a new verb … ‘wear’

I wear a blue shirt and I wear a colourful tie.

She wears a blue police uniform and she wears a black hat.

Now … your turn

I wear a school uniform.

You ____ a school uniform.

He ____ a school uniform.

She ____ a school uniform.

Mr John ____ a school uniform.

We _____ a school uniform.

They _____ a school uniform.

Now … for Top Cats – tell me about these pictures:

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