Young Learners, Level 1 & 2. The verb ‘to like’

21st April 2023

What do you like? Learn food vocabulary | English Lesson 11 - YouTube

Today we use the verb ‘like’

I like ice cream and I like fruit.

To make your sentences longer:

I like strawberry or chocolate ice cream.

I like all fruit. My favourites are apples and bananas.

Now … Your Turn

Ask your friends or tell me: What do you like ?

I like …

Match the answers with the pictures:


milk tea




Now make your sentences longer:

I + like + verbing + noun

I like buying toys / I like eating cakes /

I like ___________ milk tea.

Do you go alone or with friends ?

I like going shopping with my sister.

I like drinking milk tea with my ______ .

I like swimming with my _________ .

I like eating cakes with my _____ .

Finally, tell we where you like to do these things ?

I like to drink milk tea with my friends in the mall.

I like to go shopping with my mum at the market.

I like to buy toys at the _______ (where ?)

I like to eat cakes with my _______ at the _________ .

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