Adult Class, Level 3 (class 1): Stereotypes.

19th August 2019. AEF 3B pp. 28 – 29

Review: comparatives and superaltives

Theme: stereotypes

Objectives: increase vocabulary and sentence building skills. Encourage more talking, especially between students, using target language.

Warm up: Just to get the student’s settled in (and to allow for students arriving up to an hour late) and to help them build longer sentences. Compare the following:

LTA looking at buses with 3rd door at the end, Singapore News - AsiaOne
Image result for bus in sai gon

We have two public transport vehicles, two buses. The first is from Singapore, the second from Sai Gon.

EXAMPLE: The bus from Singapore is cleaner than the Sai Gon bus.

To extend this, using a relative clause:

The first bus, which is from Singapore, is cleaner than the second bus, which is from HCM City.

To further extend, using relative clauses and discourse markers:

The first bus is from Singapore, which is known for its cleanliness, and is the most attractive as well as looking the most modern of the two. Having said that, buses in HCM City, despite being somewhat dirty, are remarkably cheap, just 2 000 VND for students, 6 000 for adults.

Try making complex sentences from these pairs of images:

Image result for winter in scotland
Winter in Scotland
Image result for street scenein hcm city
December on the streets of Sai Gon
Image result for playing chess
Playing chess
Harrods food hall - Ảnh của Harrods, London - Tripadvisor
Harrods food hall
Banh Mi stall - Picture of Saigon Bakery, Can Tho - Tripadvisor
Street food, Sai Gon

Now compare these two songs: The former (first) is British from the 1980s. The band is The Specials, the song is called ‘Stereotypes’, the latter (last) is a modern pop song from Vietnam.

And that leads us into tonight’s theme: stereotypes. This means having an idea what people will be like because of where they are from, how they look, how they speak etc.

EXAMPLE: what do you think of this man:

Bob Dylan Arrested, Police Officer Says “That's Not Bob Dylan” | Guffaw in  AZ

What do you think of him – how he looks, how he’s dressed. What job do you think he does – does he even have a job ? Where does he live ? Is he, in fact, homeless and sleeps on the street ?

The answer …

He is music legend and Noble-prize winning writer and poet Bob Dylan

Image result for Bob dylan lp covers

Discuss these stereotypes (noun) and stereotypical (adjective) images:

All Vietnamese men are lazy and constantly smoke
Why are Chinese students so good at maths? | South China Morning Post
All Asian children are excellent at maths
Image result for women shopping
All woman are obsessed (absolutely love) shopping
Image result for fat eating americans
All People from USA are obese (too fat) and talk too much and too loudly
Image result for english people drinking tea
All English people drink tea … ALL the time

To what extent do you agree ?

I agree / I agree 100% / I agree to an extent / There may be some truth there /

I disagree / I totally disagree / That is very unfair / That is offensive /

That’s just a stereotype / I know for a fact that isn’t true !

Try to explain in full sentences giving reasons and using discourse markers.

Quick fire: In groups, discuss; what do you think of when I say:

Made in China


People in Hanoi

Apple iPhones

What do you think of this image ? Does it represent the real Vietnam, or is it just to attract tourists ?

Related image
Why is Vietnam so dirty? - Quora

11 thoughts on “Adult Class, Level 3 (class 1): Stereotypes.

    1. This is to encourage use of discourse markers – so SG is cleaner HOWEVER the HCM bus is much (significantly) cheaper. Despite being a level 3 class (top class), most students still struggle to form a basic sentence. Wish YOU were in my class 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Sooo… We could start talking about Singapore’s strict laws to punush vandals and litterbugs, point at the Singapore bus, then start chanting “Come and see the violence inherent in the system, some and see the violence inherent in the system! from Holy Grail, and have the rest of the class have us looked up as loons. 😀 😀 Fun, but it still disrupts the class, lol


            1. The language would be far too high for these students – having said that, it would be a good talking point – SG is very clean but this is enforced by some heavy fines ($500 SGD up to $2000 SGD). Could Sai Gon (HCM) benefit from a strict laws … also, appreciate I have to be careful what I write and say living in a Socialist country.

              Liked by 1 person

            2. I understand. the friend I recently visited in Hawaii stayed in Thailand for a while. Strict rules about what could be said in some cases, esp regarding the royal family.

              He went to Vietnam also, and said he was actually pretty impressed about how it had changed and grown since the war. Sent some pics too.


            3. Have you ever been to Asia ? Vietnam – or at least Sai Gon is changing and developing rapidally but there is still a LOT of work to be done. In Thailand, the monarchy is universally loved (so it appeared to me). People stand for the national anthem in cinemas and on the streets. Any tourist that also stops get the immediate and genuine respect of the locals.

              Liked by 1 person

            4. I’ve only made it as far as Oahu. My friend is my primary source level informant, lol.

              He spent a couple years in Thailand, coming back a little over a year ago. The monarchy there is loved, but that standing and such is also required. Farang apparently get a pas but good manners are respected as you noted. Apparently the royals are liked but there is some very quiet grumbling about the new king. Something about an unpopular divorce, and he just isn’t his dad, who was adored by all.


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