IELTS: Let’s get complex

7th February 2022


Indeed, this week the language schools reopen in Sai Gon after an incredibly long break due to the COVID pandemic.

Furthermore, Tet Holiday has just finished so time to put your noses to the grindstone and get back to work.

Thus, some warm up games to practise using complex sentences.

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First up, tell me about a member of your family using a relative pronoun for a subordinate clause. This means, in a nutshell, adding extra information about a subject.


My uncle lives in Singapore.

My uncle, who is a doctor, lives in Singapore.

My uncle, who is a doctor and works at a private clinic which is extremely expensive, lives in Singapore.

My uncle, who lives in Singapore, is a doctor and works at a private clinic which is extremely expensive.

If you want to pass IELTS with flying colours, and why wouldn’t you, forming complex sentences is imperative. After all, if you don’t employ such sentences, you will not get high marks for grammatical range and accuracy.

So what are you waiting for ? I give you two minutes … Go !

Vocabulary Bank

Premium Photo | Close-up of handsome drunk guy in suit
My cousin is always the life and soul of a party. However, he drinks like a fish !

Expressions to help you give more colour and complexity to your answers:


a heart of gold (My mother has a heart of gold)

firm but fair

life and soul of the party

a little angel / is as good as gold

he looks out for me / he has my back

never has a bad word to say about anybody

is a good sport


a real tiger mum

won’t listen to reason

is a bit of a wallflower

is a little devil / looks like butter wouldn’t melt in (his or her) mouth

drinks like a fish

is a real prima donna

is very touchy, can’t take a joke

1,359 Angry Mexican Woman Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock
My aunt, who lives in Mexico, is very touchy. She can’t take a joke.

For Top Cats: look at these pictures and give me astounding, jaw-droppingly brilliant complex sentences. Because I have a heart of gold, allow me to offer an example.

Scootering classics: The Deep Six - Scootering Magazine
The Deep Six featuring my mate Pete, who is wearing a check shirt and glasses, on bass.

My close friend Pete, who lives in Birmingham which is the second biggest city in the UK, plays bass guitar in a band called The Deep Six. Pete, who is a good sport, never has a bad word to say about anyone, in fact he always looks out for me when I go to visit him because my London accent makes me stand out. However, and I’m sure he won’t mind me spilling the beans, he enjoys a beer or two. To be honest, he drinks like a fish although he can still play which I find truly amazing. Cheers, Pete, keep on rocking.

Piece of cake, yeah ? OK, impress me. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination … GO !
Free Photo | Surprised middle-aged man wearing green t-shirt showing peace  gesture isolated on olive green wall
Free Photo | Portrait of young asian lady smiling with cheerful expression,  shows something amazing at blank space in casual clothing and looking at  camera isolated over blue background. facial expression concept.
GrabBike Việt Nam: Giám đốc sáng lập Grab Việt Nam Nguyễn Tuấn Anh trải  lòng về cơ duyên với Grab | VietnamFinance
Reading in Personal and Professional Life | Medline Blog
Premium Photo | Arab man is drinking coffee in a cafe.

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