Young Learners: Kids’ Guide to … listening and comprehension exercises

5th February 2022

A chance for younger students to watch short videos in order to practise their listening skills. After the clips, the teacher can ask basic comprehension questions.

Top Five Activities for Children in HCMC

What was the name of the first activity ?

What is special about the pictures ?

Where is the museum ?

How high is the climbing wall ?

How much does it cost ?

What can you hear at a water puppet show ?

On what day is the Water Park closed ?

How old was the youngest child on the bike tour ?

What would you like to do, and why ?

Is there any place you would not like to visit ? Tell me why.


  1. Artinus 2. The pictures are 3-D 3. District 7 4. 20 metres 5. About $6 6. Singing (in Vietnamese) and traditional music. 7. Tuesdays 8. 2-years old.

Now to my home town: what can kids do in London ?

First, board some new words and expressions. The kids can shout out when they hear them spoken.

loads and loads / I reckon / really / very / amazing

What are the names of the kids from the UK ?

What can you see at the Natural History Museum ?

Where does the Queen live ?

What can people do on the South Bank ?

How many people can ride in the London Eye ?

What was the girl’s favourite waxwork ?

How much are the Crown Jewels worth ?

What is the name of the bus that can drive into the river ?

What films were made at Warner Brothers Studio ?

How can people travel around London ?

What is the most exciting thing for YOU in London ? Choose 3 things to want to do or see in London.


  1. Robert, Jess, Lara & Olive 2. dinosaurs 3. Buckingham Palace 4. See buskers, shows and markets 5. 800 6. Hulk 7. 23 billion GBP 8. Duck Tours 9. Harry Potter 10. The Tube (subway) walk, bud, taxi, bicycle

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