Enter the Matrix: Young learners, levels 2 – 4

6th December 2022

The mission is to use all your English skills to find Neo, meet Morpheus, learn English, beat Mr Smith and save Morpheus, then come back to the classroom safely.

First, we need two teams RED & BLUE. Next we need to find Neo and his friends.

Task 1 describe these people. Use lots of adjectives.

Task 2 You will need grammar to enter the Matrix. Conjugate these sentences. All team members must speak.

I like to eat oranges

I don’t want to do homework

I have a new laptop

Task 3 Time to meet Morpheus. Tell me about his house.

Next tell me about three favourite things in your house and why you like them.

EXAMPLE: I love my sofa because I can watch TV and play games on it. Also I can sit or sleep because it is very comfortable.

Task 4 Now it’s time to fight Agent Smith. He knows so many words … can you beat him ?

Write down 7 colours

Write down 10 animals

Write down 5 healthy food items

Tell me your favourite sport and why

EXAMPLE: I really love football because it is exciting and fun.

TASK 5 At the board correct these sentences:

I very loves to going fish

You is goes to homes

Hes having a coat red

Seh don’t liking to red boooks

It are rain twoday

Neo are a hundsame men

We is happy wen we win the games

They is drink any milk

Task 6 You can rescue Morpheus if you can tell me about your home.

How many rooms do you have ?

What do you have in the rooms ?

What are the colours ?

What is your favourite room and why ?

Task 7 Time to return to the class. Choose the best actor in your team; they have to say this:

“Unfortunately no one can be told what the matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”

(The clip starts at 1:00 – 1:13)

Now you have entered the Matrix. Keep learning English or Agent Smith will chase you.

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