Gods of Ancient Egypt

23rd February 2023

A revised blog, aimed at younger learners. The original blog may be accessed here: https://thaypaulsnotes.com/2022/05/12/young-learners-ancient-egyptian-gods/

An activity where you have to listen, read and collect information. Also you will learn about different cultures and legends.

Today we are going to learn about some of the gods of ancient Egypt. First, where is Egypt ?

Egypt is in Africa. The adjective is Egyptian.

What ancient buildings can you see in Egypt ?

The Pyramids: the largest one was built about 2,500 BC (about 4,500 years ago).

The creature in front is called the Sphinx. What kind of animal is the Sphinx ?

The Sphinx has the face of a woman, the body of a lion and the wings of a bird (maybe a falcon or eagle).

Animals were very important. What animals can you see in this picture ?

We are going to focus on four Gods:

Thoth // Bastet // Ra // Anubis


Pharaoh / ibis / jackal / Nile River / beak




Funeral mask of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. He lived 1341 – 1323 BC


Write your name (English or Viet) using hieroglyphs.

Look at your handout and follow the instructions. You have to identify the four Gods and colour them.

The British Council ‘LearnEnglishKids’ page has some excellent resources and free print-outs.

Now, some music for ambience:

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