Young learners, level 4: using adjectives, adverbs and your imagination.

9th March 2023

You have learnt many adjectives, practised grammar in present and past tenses, and begun to form adverbs. Now it’s time to bring it all back home.

First, lets change some adjectives to adverbs. Are you ready ?

beautiful // calm // careful // easy // good // happy // honest // polite // quick

angry // bad // careless // greedy // lazy // loud // nervous // rough // selfish // stupid

dangerous // fast // furious // mysterious // rare // serious // slow

I will show you some photos and I want you to write a short piece using adjectives, adverbs and some creative thinking.

Please, Thay Paul, give us an example.

OK, look at the above photo. What adjectives describe the subject ?

The lady is: Asian / beautiful / cute / healthy / intelligent / kind / popular / young

She has: long, black, wavy hair.

She wears a (an) light blue / comfortable / expensive / fashionable dress.

Where is she and what is she doing ?

She is at work, in a bright / clean / modern office. Maybe she is at home in her quiet / new apartment.

She is working on a (an) expensive / fast / new laptop. Her work is difficult / easy / important.

How does she work ?

She is smiling, so maybe she works quickly, or happily or well. Maybe she has finished and can now relax.

So what’s the story ? Let’s use present tense (verb 1).

A beautiful, young, Asian lady is working happily on her new laptop. She has finished her difficult, English homework so she feels fantastic.

How many adjectives did I use ?

Where did I put the adverb ? After the verb ‘work’. Here I used the continuous form (verb + ing). So, put the adverb after a verb (Verb 1, Verb 2 or verb + ing).

Now … your turn

Please Note: All photos are taken from Google Images or free photo sites, and are used for educational purposes only. No copyright infringement or offense is intended. If I have used your photo or image, and you wish me to remove it, just ask. This site is not monetized, I run it on my own dollar. Thank you.

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